About Me - My Biography

Suzanne is a Transformational Success Coach for female entrepreneurs who
prioritizes the wellness & alignment of Mind, Body, Spirit, & Emotions
WHILE helping them grow a thriving and lucrative lifestyle business.  Suzanne is passionate about feminine empowerment, helping women master their energy and mindset around money, boldly inspiring them to dream bigger and unapologetically embrace the income, impact, & freedom they were born for.  She guides her clients to strengthen the connection  with their innate inner wisdom so that they can trust the genius of their intuition as their personal expert in life, wellness, and business.  She teaches how to properly use The Power of Intention and The Law of Attraction to supercharge your manifesting power and open the floodgates of prosperity and abundance. Her other zone of genius is helping mompreneurs ‘Transform the Chaos’ with an ‘instant results’- 5 week signature system to gain control of their time, environment,
fatigue, and disempowering self-talk so they can sleep better, wake rested
raring to go, and get back to enjoying their families and rocking their

Suzanne resides in Quesnel, BC on the West Coast of Canada.


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