About Me - My Biography

I started Impress Promotions 22 years ago as I really wanting something I could do from home and be there for my children when they came along.  I came across Impress Promotions at a business show and thought “I can do this” and so off I went.  I have loved working from home and being there for the kids when they were little (now almost 17 and 20).  Being able to do a bit of work and then take the girls out to the park, or be here if they were sick from school was perfect.

In my spare time, I go to the gym (although not a fitness fanatic).  I love being at the beach (my happy place) and love to travel.  One day, I would like to hit the road and just go.  I have made sure to take my kids to as many places as finances let me and my 20yr old now has caught the travel bug from me.  I enjoy going out with friends, seeing movies, going to the theatre, watching live bands and also chilling out at home.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I became a Her Business Member because after 22 years of working from a room in my house, I am really lacking the personal contact and the loss of business that has come with COVID has made me completely lose motivation.  Especially now my business is established and I rarely go out and visit clients as I have known them forever and all work is done via email.  I love the idea that we are all there for each other and can get to know each other first and then do business with each other as needed.  I created a small local business group a few years back to get local women who work from home out of the house and that has been my lifesaver – women need that social connection first and then business comes from that second.  I am thinking Her Business is going to be my new motivator and lifesaver.