My Connection Statement

I help busy women over 40 who are overwhelmed at work & home, find their way again to clarity, confidence and contentment, inside the online Do Stuff Differently coaching membership based on neuroscience.

You’re only one reconstructed thought away from breakthrough personally and professionally. Take action now, because you’re worth it!

About Me - My Biography

Professional life

I have 20+ years corporate experience in learning, leadership development & coaching. This experience shows up in a variety of ways, including the diverse array of contemporary knowledge I share relating to technology, planning, personal & professional development. If you want to know more about my experience, feel free to check out my LinkedIn Profile.


I am a results based coach, trained by the NeuroLeadership Institute in brain friendly coaching techniques that accelerate accelerate your ability to think, feel, connect & engage with others. I have gone through the rigorous process of gaining accreditation by the International Coach Federation (this is no easy feat!). I also have a Degree in Human Resources & Management, and a Certificate IV & Diploma in Training Delivery & Design. 

So what else do I do?

When I am not coaching or developing online training programs, I am helping the corporate world with leadership development & facilitating change.

My Expertise

I’m often called the ‘people whisperer’ because I have the unique ability to hear what’s been unsaid, and bring it out so that an open constructive conversation can be had.

I specialise in coaching women who are mid-career, mid-management or just having a mid-life crisis. The women usually come to me initially with ‘people problems’ that they want to fix. 

Using brain-friendly techniques based on neuroscience and positive psychology, I help improve women’s lives (and fix their people problems), by improving their thinking.

You see, people problems are just a symptom of people reflecting back how they’re experiencing the interaction. So when we work on making positive change by improving her thinking – people start reflecting back that positive change.

I’m often also engaged for team coaching (particularly after a leader has experienced one-on-one coaching with me). Team coaching is a powerful process. It gets the team connected and aligned on team purpose, vision and goals which collectively increases team performance. It also addresses any dysfunction that a team may have by providing a safe environment and the opportunity for every team member to be heard. 

My Passions

My personal mission is to positively impact the lives of 1m people by helping women connect and engage differently with their family, their work colleagues  and their community.

I’m passionate about help women find a cause greater than themselves so that we can collectively have a greater impact in the world.

One of my biggest why’s is to have a bigger impact myself. In the next 5 years, I plan on establishing a no-cost membership for women who don’t have access to a family network, and becoming their ‘grandma’ so to speak. The aim is to help families understand the cross-generational differences – but to also bring back some old-fashioned traditions such as eating meals together without technology at the table.

I’ll teach them brain friendly ways to communicate, connect & engage with their families at a deeper level. It’ll include practical skills like ‘family time’ dinners, where I show them how to prepare a healthy meal and provide them with a family fun pack of stuff they can do to get the family connecting and engaging cross-generationally. 

My Interests

I love experimenting in the kitchen, developing my own twist on recipes. I’ve developed a ‘family heritage’ cookbook and self published a small run of the cookbook to give to my family. It had stories of the family and favourite recipes. It was a great project that both my husband and I worked on. He not only was the ‘taste tester’ he wrote many of the family stories for the cookbook. 

I love photographing people & nature. I’ve even had the privilege of being the photographer for my son’s wedding. It was at my daughter in law’s request because she wanted someone my son could be comfortable with. It was such a wonderful day!

I learnt to draw in my mid 30’s, and love ‘sketch-noting’ meetings. This is a more visual way of note taking than the traditional pen and lined paper technique.  


How I Can Help Other Members

When members feel stuck (lacking direction), overwhelmed or have self-doubt, I can provide techniques based on neuroscience to gain confidence, clarity and contentment by having an online coaching conversation. 

I’m also very tech savvy and can figure most tech stuff out. I have advanced knowledge in Microsoft Office365. 

I’ve hosted many big group virtual meetings and workshops on platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, so I’m your go-to person if you need help in gaining competence in hosting and moderating large online meetings or workshops.

I also design leadership development ‘experiences’ (aka workshops that are interactive) that are engaging and brain-friendly. So if you have a training session, workshop or other event that you need idea’s for, reach out to me. I’ve won many awards on behalf of clients with the design of my leadership development experiences.  

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I joined because of the sense of community and to develop deep relationships with other women that I can bounce ideas around with. 

My Member to Member Offer(s)

Reset your life is a one week group coaching experience.

This is for you if you haven’t had a professional coach before and would love to experience it. 

You possibly feel stuck, overwhelmed or have self-doubt, and you don’t know what you should do next. I take you through brain-friendly techniques from my  Intentional Achiever Method. Together, we figure out your strengths, vision, high-level life-plan and the very next step that you need to focus on.

For my HerBusiness community the investment is AU$15 (normally AU$27) which covers the basic cost of access to my resource centre called the Coaching Hub.  Click here for more details.

Do stuff differently group coaching membership.

This is for you if you’ve had professional coaching before, and want a fresh perspective and are ready to challenge yourself and sit on the edge of your comfort zone!

You’re juggling the demands of work & home life and those close to you call you a workaholic because you work hard to prove yourself and achieve more.

Down deep inside you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, self-doubting or guilty that you’re not doing enough, not good enough, or don’t give enough to the people that matter most.

You have dreams for your life, but no time for those dreams, because you’re busy pleasing and serving others.

Down deep inside you know it’s YOU, you’re trying to prove yourself to. 

And it’s your self-doubt and the crappy things you’re telling yourself that’s holding you back. You also know that something has to change. That you have to do stuff differently.

The monthly group coaching membership is in it’s infancy (but still using my proven group & personal coaching methods). As a HerBusiness founding member, you’ll be ‘grandfathered’ in at AU$55 (normally $79, increasing at full launch to $179). Click here for further details.