About Me - My Biography

I help individuals and teams take their business to the next level using storytelling and content writing to show their true value.

I run presentations and workshops, masterclasses and mentoring programmes for anyone who writes to market a business. We work on the mindset and techniques that can take a writer’s work from average to exceptional, based on my journalism training and experience including

   Reporter, ABC TV News and 7.30 Report

   Producer/ content editor, Nine News Sydney

   Supervising producer/ content editor, Today Show

   Bureau Chief, A Current Affair 

   Lecturer TV Journalism, WA Academy of Performing Arts

I’m in Perth but you don’t have to be. We can Skype, FaceTime or video conference to work on better writing and stronger storytelling to give you a bolder voice in the digital world.

My Expertise

Content Marketing + Brand Storytelling

My Passions

I love to find the hidden gold in every business. And most women who run a business have no idea how much gold they’re sitting on – their passion, skill and personality is often why people choose their product or service.

Sherene encouraged me to see how important my own persona is to my business. It was fantastic to have someone look at my business with fresh eyes and offer insightful feedback. Kelly Hine, Body and Soul Retreat

Finding that, naming it and creating a story from it. That’s my passion.

My Interests

In 2017  my motto is Take Action – inspired by Suzi.  I’m applying this to my personal life as well as my business. So far I’ve taken sailing lessons and realised I most definitely don’t want to do sail racing! It’s way too far out of my comfort zone. I’d like to putter around on a little sailboat, by myself (I do love time alone).

Next on the list is horse riding lessons, which is more about getting to spend time with horses and learning more about the way they see the world. I’ll let you know how that one goes…


How I Can Help Other Members

I’d love to show how to find and tell the stories that people actually want to know about their business, using a journalist’s mindset and techniques. It makes content writing and storytelling so much more effective (and fun!).

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

To connect and learn, and to help others grow their business with what I know about writing (including writing for video – it scares too many people!).

My Member to Member Offer(s)

I’d love to do a free 20 minute phone chat about where they are stuck with writing for their business. It might be a mindset shift, or applying new processes to their writing – a few new steps can help anyone.