About Me - My Biography

Helping people become their best selves is my abiding interest, my passion and the foundation of a lifelong commitment to teaching and learning. Pursuing a career in education was an obvious choice. That career began at a time when education was characterised by creativity, choice, equity and opportunity.

After completing an undergraduate degree, I worked in diverse community and school settings including as a liaison person and advocate for women migrants and people with disabilities.  As a young mum in a country town, I became director of the community preschool and began postgraduate studies. This led to an academic career as a teacher educator, a PhD and a commitment to studying, practicing and teaching mindfulness and meditation. 

In 2012 I was invited to be scholar-in-residence at the Garrison Institute, New York. A life changing experience. I realised the toll that the dramatic shift in the culture of education towards standardisation and competitive individualism was taking and I wanted out. My well established daily meditation practice helped me find the clarity and courage needed to abandon a very secure longterm career that was no longer serving me well.

In 2013 I founded Mindful Works as a vehicle for combining my skills and knowledge as an educator, my passion for helping people become their best selves and what I had learned first hand about the benefits of mindfulness practice. I began with teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses and have since designed and delivered a range of short courses and retreats in various locations in Australia and overseas.

Since launching Mindful Works more than 1000 people have benefited from the opportunity to learn and practice mindfulness and discover how it can help them become their own best friend, the best they can be. This work inspires and energises me. It is what I’m good at.

My Expertise


My expertise is designing and facilitating mindfulness-based learning experiences that meet the needs and aspirations of individuals and organisations. This expertise is grounded in years of mindfulness practice and study and a decades long career as a teacher, researcher and teacher educator in community, school and university settings. Relationships, reflection and practice are at the heart of all that I do.

My Passions


I am passionate about creating opportunities and environments where people connect, reflect and practice creating the life and relationships they want wherever they are. I am passionate about being and becoming open, inclusive and non-judgmental in all that I do.

My Interests

My interests are many and varied: teaching and learning, practicing meditation and mindfulness, contemporary visual and performing arts, walking in the bush and swimming in the sea, yoga, growing, preparing and sharing food, social change and advocacy, meeting people, being with family and friends …

How I Can Help Other Members

I can help other members who are interested in promoting personal and/or workplace wellbeing. In particular I can offer tips and training for reducing stress, making time, letting go of distractions and procrastination, improving communication and relationships, managing change and, recognising and transforming unhelpful habits. I can help them to identify personal and workplace obstacles and opportunities for optimal wellbeing.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I have joined HerBusiness to expand my support network, to meet, learn from and be inspired by other women, to grow my business, business skills and understandings.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

I am happy to offer a free telephone consultation for any member interested in the how and why of mindfulness practice and its application for their personal or professional needs.