My Connection Statement

I work with women 40+ who’ve had a successful career and now want to start their own profitable solo business. I help them do that through private coaching and my online group ‘Women In Transit – the path to being your own boss’

About Me - My Biography

Shandra is the founder of The Transit Lounge, a boutique leadership coaching consultancy
for women who have had a successful career and now want to start their own business.

Her broad experience and training includes over ten years in the highly competitive media industry as well as over ten years in human behaviour.

She’s an award-winning radio promotions and marketing director, Professional Results coach,
facilitator, internationally accredited money breakthrough coach, podcast host and co-author of an international bestselling book ‘Elevate Your Success’.

An early ‘midlife crisis’ led Shandra to leave the media industry and follow her passion for people development, and after training as a coach, she held a senior management role within a learning and development company.

Following a diagnosis of severe adrenal fatigue in 2014, she reinvented her professional life once again when she left her successful career to create ‘The Transit Lounge’.

Shandra is passionate about assisting working women to earn great money, doing work they love, being the CEO in the business of their life – by bringing the best of who they are to what they do, without burning out.

My Expertise

Assisting women to transition from a successful career to starting their own business

The main areas I focus on are:

Marketing – developing the strategies and systems to attract more ideal clients

Mindset – managing the inevitable internal challenges that arise when you shift from an employee to being a business owner

Money – the emotional and practical sides of your relationship with money that can hold you back from earning what you’re worth in your business

I am also very focused on implementation – so not just talking about ideas, but also putting them into action.

My Passions

I am very passionate about assisting women to earn great money doing work they love without burning out.

As someone who is a bit of a recovering workaholic I like to emphasise the importance of  values based living and working, to align what is most important to you with what you do and how you do it.

I am a passionate advocate for Mindfulness meditation and like to align mindfulness principles to building a business and earning money.

My Interests

Mindfulness meditation, travelling [when we are allowed to!!!] eating delicious food that is [mostly] good for you – either at home or out.

I LOVE reading and learning about all things to do with human behaviour, the brain, personal development and I when I am on my way somewhere I am almost always plugged into listen to a podcast or two…

I am also very much in love with our new puppy Kettu who is a very active and loud Finnish Lapphund

How I Can Help Other Members

I am always open to bouncing ideas, making new connections and sharing any insights that will help members to get external perspective to assist them gain some clarity and feel confident to move forward.

I also really love making introductions between people that may be mutually beneficial to them – so the more people I connect with, the more people I can potentially connect!

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I was ready to be part of a regular networking group and meet likeminded women in business

I am a fan of Suzi’s work, all she has achieved and the way she does business, so was keen to be part of the network she runs.

Being a member gives me access to really relevant and practical trainings as well as a sense of connection to other women in business.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

Money Breakthrough Coaching Session – normally $397

Your relationship and result with money are directly linked to the money stories you grew up with and they impact almost every aspect of your life.
When you are starting and growing a business, there are likely to be money ‘blindspots’ that will hold you back from making and keeping the sort of money you’re worth. If you don’t deal with them you may face years of struggle, or get on the feast and famine rollercoaster where you are earning good money, but don’t seem to be able to keep it, or earn consistently enough.

A Money Breakthrough Coaching session will help you to:

  • Identify the money blindspots you have
  • Uncover some of the root causes of your money challenges
  • Develop 3 simple, actionable strategies to upgrade your money stories and feel more confident and empowered with money decisions and conversations, so you can increase the amount you earn and keep in your business and life

Her Business Members Offer – $297

To find out if this session is right for you, book in a no cost, 20 minute ‘Money Talks’ call here.