My Connection Statement

I help small business owners who struggle to find time to write but understand the value of trustworthy website content for building a strong online presence.

I give them time back to focus on their core business by creating engaging and valuable content for their audience using copywriting, ghostwriting and editing.

About Me - My Biography

I’m a writer, editor and, for all the right reasons, a former accountant steeped in health and wellness experience. I help entrepreneurs grow loyal, passionate followings and thriving businesses.

Prior to The Ink Rat, I completed a Master’s Degree in Natural Sciences, learned how businesses operate during my 10 years as a Chartered Accountant, and spent 15 years working in FMCG, wholesale, and wellness industries.

I’ve always loved writing, so I trained as a copywriter, completed a professional proofreading and editing course, and, along the way, received my Certificate IV in New Small Business.

Now I help enterprises grow by bringing awareness and interest to the products and services that make such a difference to the people who use them.

I do this by listening to your voice, understanding your unique expertise and experiences, and then working with you to shape your most powerful story.

I offer you the benefit of 25+ years in corporate life, a rigorous science-based education and decades of writing. All of this allows me to understand your vision, appreciate your journey and use your expertise to express your story, your way, for your audience.

My Expertise

I am a copywriter, editor and ghostwriter. I use this combination to help people reach, connect, inform and engage with their followers and customers.


During my 25-year corporate career, my roles frequently involved persuasion and communication. Five years ago, I formalised these skills with professional copywriting training and accreditation.


I focus on wellbeing, sustainability and technology businesses. These industries can have big technical or regulatory components. My science education combined with my business background means I have a good understanding of how to create technical, robust writing that demonstrates authority and answers the questions prospects are asking. This helps build trust, sales and long-term relationships with ideal customers.

My Passions

When I’m not writing for clients, I write creative fiction for fun. I love entering micro-fiction and short story contests and being part of the active writing communities on Medium, Twitter and Instagram.

I’m a lifelong vegetarian and I’m passionate about combining natural health solutions with sustainable practices that are good for us and our planet.

My Interests

I started walking 10,000 steps a day in 2017, and exercise is now a key part of my daily routine. Most walks are with our rescue dog, a white German Shepherd cross called Ghost.

Thanks to Ghost, early morning walks, and the technology of smartphones, I have rediscovered photography, most of which Ghost uses as content on his social media accounts.

How I Can Help Other Members

I save time for busy business owners by writing the content that draws your best prospects to you. I do this through a combination of interviews, research, and keyword analysis so you have strong writing that shows your authority and answers the questions your prospects are asking.

For those who do like to do the writing themselves, I edit and proofread to ensure the words flow beautifully. We all have writing tics but we’re not always aware of how much they bother the reader. The last thing we want in the middle of telling a great story, anecdote, or case study, is for our readers to be ripped out of the narrative because of grammar or spelling mistakes.

I help business owners get a content plan off the ground. Often, they’ve had a good go at writing regularly and they’re 70% of the way there, but fresh eyes and a fresh approach can enhance the quality and save time.

Lack of time and lack of confidence can lead to paralysis about preparing content that shows your solutions to your customers’ problems. Together, we can put your expertise back in front of them.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I love the friendships, new opportunities, and the focus each month that keeps me on track with every part of my business. I love being part of a goals group that keeps me accountable and guides me to develop and implement my business goals.

HerBusiness provides community, safety, advice, friendship, as well as valuable solutions from other businesswomen.


My Member to Member Offer(s)

Writing an About Page on our website seems like it should be the easiest part of creating our website, but it often turns into the toughest piece of work we do.

I have 2 one-hour spots available to HerBusiness members every month to help you create, refine or upgrade your website’s About Page.

Following our meeting, I provide you with content that captures you, in your own words, to use wherever you need a profile, bio, or introduction.