My Connection Statement

Businesses and individuals are looking for clarity, confidence and exponential growth. Working with ancient wisdom to solve modern-day challenges to thrive for a more fulfilled, productive and purposeful life whilst maintaining inner equanimity. I do this through my online coaching services, mentorship and meditation & mindfulness offerings. 

My Expertise

Over 25 + years of progressive and strategic career across Financial Services, Government and Legal; deliverables include end-to-end business transformation programs; people strategies to optimise business outcomes; cost reduction; project implementation; and customer experience improvement.


Spiritual Guidance and Mysticism – over 20 + years

Yoga Philosophy – Lifetime of Practice and Learning (off the matt)

Bachelor of Law (LL.B)
Master of Law in International and European Business Law (LL.M)
Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (England and Wales) (LPC)
Master of Law in Legal Practice (LL.M)
Graduate Diploma in Law (Australia)
Graduate Coach U Core Essentials Program (CEFTP) International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited program

Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation and Mindfulness (ACMM)

My Passions

I’m passionate about helping businesses and individuals align their rational minds with their heart space so that they can excel in business and their personal lives whilst maintaining inner equanminty.

I love seeing my client’s dream big and achieve their deepest desires!

My Interests

Human Development and Potential

Spirituality – East meets West


5 Things about me:

  • My top value is INTEGRITY
  • In Human Design (HD) my energy type is a PROJECTOR (1/4) with a defined spleen – HD stipulated that my aura in the world is to Guide: Help others align and becomes the best version of themselves.
  • In the ENNEAGRAM I’m a 5 – I’m curious and have a tendency to go down the rabbit hole
  • I enjoy strength training – train 4x times a week. Competed in one Powerlifting Competition
  • I’m a mother of 4 daughters 

How I Can Help Other Members

I offer the following services 

WE RISE! IMMERSION 6-month mentorship into the Sacred Feminine 

The program looks at the 10 faces/archetypes of the Sacred Feminine from a Tantric perspective. 10 archetypes that represent the two faces of cosmic creation: The Dark and the Light. The two faces represent our own psyche. By coaxing, embracing and facing our own shadows (the darkness) we are stepping into our wholeness – our true authentic self (the Light of Consciousness). By embodying the Sacred Feminine within, we open up the gateway to infinite potential, empowerment and liberation.

You will take away insights, practices and wisdom, that will give you awareness, understanding and experience in working with your own shadows to step into the Light of Consciousness, you will expand and transform your frequency, energy and vibration, with Grace and Reverence of the Sacred Feminine… it’s deep and radically transformative!

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Weekly Meditation and Mindfulness Sessions – Starts 17 January (Free 4-weekly sessions) – Join here 

Personal and Spiritual Coaching 

  • Live a fulling and purposeful life
  • Obtain clarity and confidence
  • Breakthrough limiting beliefs
  • Get new ideas and insights
  • Learn to set boundaries and more

What to expect in a session?

Open, transparent and thought-provoking conversations to support you in navigating from your current situation to your desired outcome.

Business and Conscious Leadership Coaching 

Coach and support business owners, business leaders, entrepreneurs and start-ups in growing the business by helping clarity their business’s vision, mission, leadership and much more.

Suitable for Executives, Business Leaders, Business Owners and Emerging Leaders, that want to excel in business and careers.

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Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

Meaningful connections

My Member to Member Offer(s)

* Save 15% by joining the waitlist WE RISE! IMMERSION 6-month mentorship into the Sacred Feminine  

* Complimentary 4-weekly Meditation and Mindfulness sessions starting 17 January 2022 – Join here 

* Personal and Spriritual Coaching or Business and Conscious Leadership Coaching –  Complimentary 45 minute session – click here to access