About Me - My Biography

Natalie Sisson is a global adventurer and digital nomad who has been based out of her suitcase for over three years, running her 6-figure online business from her laptop while traveling the world.

After getting two business degrees in just four years and mastering her marketing and business development skills over 8 years in the corporate world, Natalie went on to co-found a technology start up in Vancouver in 2008 which is now the number one fundraising application on Facebook.

She then went to establish herself as the Suitcase Entrepreneur inspiring thousands of others to design a profitable lifestyle business they love through her coaching, products, blog, podcast and lifestyle video series.


Natalie is a No #1 best selling author on a mission to create freedom in business and adventure in life, for herself and 100,000 entrepreneurs by 2020. Originally from New Zealand, Natalie has citizenship in the United Kingdom, permanent residence in Canada, has travelled to 63 countries, lived on 5 continents, broken a world record and won a gold medal in Ultimate Frisbee.