My Connection Statement

We help Small to Medium sized business owners reduce their legal risk  with our downloadable contract template kits. We specialise in property, employment, general business and financial agreements.

About Me - My Biography

Nadia MacLeod is Director at RP Emery & Associates, Legal Publishers. RP Emery & Associates creates easy to use Legal Kits to save your valuable time and money.

As a non-lawyer herself, she understands the confusion and unease that many people experience when confronted with a legal issue. That’s why she works to make legal matters simpler and more easily understood. The bottom line is that there are many common legal transactions that you can handle yourself quite comfortably. You just need to know what they are and how it is done.

My Expertise

I’ve been on the internet a really long time – I started my first website in 1997 which turned into a business around 1999. I have been marketing and sharing information online ever since.

Like many business owners I wear many hats and perform many tasks each day but I feel my expertise lies in communicating ideas and finding creative ways to solve problems or make ideas happen. My other skills include writing, marketing, Infusionsoft, social media, organisation and grounding projects.

My Passions

Learning and knowledge has always been the spark that excites me and my quest is to share that knowledge with others. This was true 20 years ago when I started my first website on womens health and remains true now that I am work to demystify legal contracts and make the law accessible to the public. I love the creative process – taking an idea and finding ways to make it real.

My Interests

I love art, reading, eating, hanging out with my family and friends, learning new things, going to the movies. I can be a bit of a homebody and love re-charging with some “me” time.

How I Can Help Other Members

I feel I can help other members by sharing my knowledge and experience. I am lucky enough to be a regular blog writer on herBusiness and it’s my intention that our articles offer insight into the legal issues that affect small (and big) business owners so that they feel they have a greater understanding and control in their lives.

I can also help by pointing out the areas where our legal kits can provide you with solid legal protection without taking a chunk out of your budget.

We are all in this together – we can learn from each other and make our businesses and lives better.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I became a member to increase my knowledge and build my network. Working from home in regional Australia can be a little isolating, so I felt I needed to broaden horizons and access some fresh ideas.

My Articles