My Connection Statement

I help qualified coaches to clarify, package, describe and sell their services in a meaningful way so they can create clients, a consistent income and success on their terms.

I offer a group coaching (Passion to Profit), 1:1 coaching (Straight Line to Success) and a membership to equip coaches with the processes, personal support, know how and confidence to create a meaningful, profitable business.

About Me - My Biography

In February, 2004, Melanie realised that being a high-salaried GM, having co-founded a business that employed 40 staff in a male-dominated industry…….. sucked.

Specifically, her work was unfulfilling and not aligned with her values. It was sucking the life out of her. And that was her epiphany that the best life is one where you live and work on purpose.

Melanie and her husband succession-planned themselves out of their respective roles and picked a seaside spot in NSW for their sea change and fresh start. It was the ultimate hero-to-zero experience.

And as all entrepreneurial spirits know, “sea change” is secret code for “I’M the boss of me.”

Her journey was all about harnessing her signature strengths of persistence, honesty and love to pioneer a new way of working that felt great and, created work life balance.

Melanie created a weight loss coaching program called Downsize Me with a 99% success rate, but then realised she could have more impact by helping qualified coaches to create success on their terms, just like she did.

These days, as a Coach Trainer and Business Mentor, Melanie helps qualified coaches to build the skills, systems, structure and confidence they needed to create their own successful, client-centered coaching businesses through her programs Passion to Profit, and Straight Line to Success.

She knows that most newly qualified coaches need to do their own personal development, are working in and learning about a new industry and have little business experience. That’s a lot to grapple with, and the right kind of support is warranted.

What are your five most important business lessons?

  • Few people succeed on their own, in isolation.
  • We can’t see our own blind spots.
  • Knowing yourself is the pre-requisite to effectively positioning and selling yourself.
  • Coaching helps you to verbalise, summarise and get clarity on your plan and next steps.
  • Overwhelm is simply a lack of clarity and effective planning, and it’s easily fixed.

What advice would you give qualified coaches who are just starting out?

  • Get help to navigate the daily micro-obstacles in your business
  • Invest in your own personal development – you are your business
  • Be specific and focused so that you can more easily become known for one thing, become skilled in that area, feel confident about it, and more easily promote it.



My Expertise

My expertise is helping people to create success on their terms. I help qualified coaches to understand their purpose and their market and to clarify, package, describe and sell their services to their ideal clients, consistently.

My Passions

I love helping people to understand themselves, to believe in themselves and to step into their greatness, so they can live and work on purpose.

After many years in unfulfilling roles, and trying to fit in, I used this exact formula on  myself.

Now it feels like I’ll never ‘work’ another day in my life.

My Interests

I love surfing, walking in nature, growing my own food, and living in tune with the cycles of nature.

I’m fascinated with habits and behaviour change, psychology, and why we do what we do.

My work (and life) revolve around understanding yourself, believing in yourself and being yourself.


How I Can Help Other Members

I’m a great listener. I am skilled at seeing the big picture and summarising. I can help you solve problems and untangle knots, and to get clarity on the next steps.

After all, when you can work through the daily micro-obstacles you can more easily keep taking action and getting traction in your business.


Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

As a connector, I first and foremost want to connect my clients with talented people who can help them achieve their business and personal goals.

And living in a rural community, I am keen to connect with like-minded people for mutually-beneficial support, collaboration, skills and knowledge.



My Member to Member Offer(s)

I offer a free solution-finding session – click here to book a 15-minute chat.