About Me - My Biography

Megan Barrow, Director of JoElla Marketing, is passionate about making marketing simple, effective and fun for small business owners. She does not believe in one-size-fits-all marketing plans and strategies, and instead works alongside her clients to ensure they understand the marketing techniques that are best suited for their business to connect with their ideal customers.

Growing up as the “shy girl”, Megan learned the art of observation and loves listening to business owners’ and discovering their passions and goals, successes and failures. From there, she builds the best marketing plan and strategies and discovers the creative gaps that many owners are too busy to see.

Her ultimate success comes from her clients’ success and, with a heart-on-sleeve business philosophy, is there for the entire journey.

My Interests

Marketing Communication; Marketing Strategies; Market Research; Social Media (especially Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, BLOGs); Customer Engagement; Building strong business relationships.

My Articles