My Connection Statement

I help Executive Assistants be perceived as indispensable by developing their strategic thinking and leadership skills and improving their ‘power’ (often referred to as ‘soft’) skills. I do this through online and face to face training and coaching.

About Me - My Biography

Hello, I’m Liz Van Vliet (pronounced Van Vl-eet as in feet).

I help Executive Assistants and Office Professionals be perceived as linchpins by developing what I call their POWER skills (often referred to as ‘soft’ skills). I do this through online and face to face training and coaching using my Linchpin Assistant framework and methodology.


After an enforced career break from senior sales and marketing roles due to Breast Cancer, I successfully applied for an Executive Assistant role operating under the delusion that it would be the perfect “all care and no responsibility” role to help ease me back into paid employment. It did not take long to realise that I had been ill informed and that the role of Executive Assistant would require me to summon all the skills and capabilities I had spent my working life developing. I would be tested in ways I had not anticipated. I would be required to demonstrate a growth mindset and display levels of emotional intelligence that should have triggered a tsunami warning.


I am also the host of Being Indispensable, a podcast that started as a way for me to find inspiration and to help make sense of the challenges that the role of Executive Assistant was presenting me with. Not how to be better at travel bookings or become more proficient at Powerpoint (although those skills can always do with improvement) but how other EA’s coped with the all encompassing nature of the role and the need to wear so many hats at the one time.

I have been thrilled to be able to shine a light on the incredible contribution EAs make to their respective business leader and organisations and use the platform of podcasting to share leadership thinking that will help EA’s develop the skills and mindset required to be perceived as indispensable or a ‘linchpin’ to coin a Seth Godin term.

My Expertise

I am a certified coach with an extensive background in selling and marketing to Fortune 500 clients. I am also a sought after keynote speaker and trainer in the area of resilience, mindset and leadership thinking for professionals.

My Passions

My family – husband Mike and three daughters who I call the KATs.

I am also passionate about spreading the message about being kind to ourselves and remembering that we are human beings not human doings. In May 2019 I will be releasing my book Coming Home from Breastcancerville, a memoir of my experience not just going through treatment for breast cancer but navigating the potholes and obstacles on my road to recovery and survivorship.

Podcasting is also a passion for me. I taught myself how to produce a podcast and have had my own podcast since June 2016 called Being Indispensable of course.

My Interests

Public speaking on the topics of resilience and self compassion.

Podcasting – producing my own, listening to others, finding new ones to binge on.

Home decor – I love rearranging furniture, much to my families dismay!

How I Can Help Other Members

I am a great sounding board and always happy to listen and support other members where I can.

My speaking and training brings me into contact with Executive Assistants that are responsible for a myriad of purchasing decisions. They are influencers and recommenders and I’m always happy to discuss collaboration opportunities where there is a good fit with my clients.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

Because Suzi Dafnis is a role model of mine and I love the philosophy of HerBusiness and the way there is such a sense of shared purpose and passion amongst members. I also love having a group of people that want me to succeed and are there for me when I need support and encouragement.