My Connection Statement

I help new and emerging female leaders who are caught in the trap of second guessing themselves and their ability to effectively lead (this can also happen to experienced leaders following a significant event).

I coach them one on one on line to reconnect with the belief in theor own talents, experience and capacity to develop their own style to authentically and confidently lead others.

About Me - My Biography

Hi there – I’m a passionate part-time leadership coach – there is honestly nothing that lights me up more than guiding a client to the point of witnessing their own breakthroughs and then setting them up with the tools and beliefs that they can continue developing and showing up to be the best version of themselves as and when their needs evolve.

I’m a certified Level 2 Coach, Neurolinguistic Master Practioner (NLP), Timeline Therapist and Conscious Hypnosis Practioner. In 2021 I will complete my masters studies in coaching as well as several other modalties so that I can continue to serve my clients and my community to the best of my ability.

A love of learning, growth and continual improvement are part my core values framework.

Self leadership and the principles of leading from within are what forms the bedrock of my coaching practice. I’m an advocate for leading from self with confidence, inner strength and radical transparency to then confidently and authentically lead others.

Outside of coaching which is currently my side hustle, I’m a single parent to my beautiful 13 year old daughter, a 6 month old Weimaraner puppy and 7 month old kitten! We all live in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, close to all the people and places we care about the most.

My career spans more than 20 years across several sectors including wine and hospitality; retail and FMCG; and Victorian state government, which is where I’m currently working. I specialise in strategic engagement which incorporates stakeholder analysis and relationship management; policy; brand and strategic communications; long and short term planning and the IAP2 engagement principles.

I consider myself to be very lucky in that I love my job and what I do and feel that the experiences across my career have lead me to this great place of harmony in my life between strategic project work and leadership coaching – I feel that I have the best of both worlds!

My Expertise

My coaching expertise includes Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) which uses language (verbal and non-verbal) to intervene in unresourceful behaviour patterns, identify your core values and inner strengths and remove limiting decisions and beliefs. NLP assumes that everyone is whole and it is a matter of peeling back the layers of disidentification to reveal your strengths and authentic self.

This is coupled with other modalities as well as behavioural profiling that work on a deeper level with clients as and when they need them to get the results they want. Provided the results are for themselves and not to prove something to others. That will be a short term unsustainable outcome.

Outside of my coaching practice I work closely with diverse groups of stakeholders ranging from government and commercial executives through to consultants, policy managers and community. My role deals with a lot of uncertainty and ambiguity  – the key objective for me is how I interpret outcomes for each stakeholder group and communicate strategic project benefits to their sector and or business. It’s at times, a high pressure and fast paced environment.

My Passions

My professional career started working for a Master of Wine, so it goes without saying that wine and food are two of my deepest passions and two areas of my life where I continue feel truly inspired by others as well as my own little adventures in the kitchen, at markets as well as checking out new places to dine and try something new.

I’m also very passionate about self-leadership and have incorporated these principles into my leadership coaching practice. Authenticity and walking my talk are non-negotiables for me and my relationships with others as well as others relationships with me.

Sustainability and living simply are also very important to me. I have realised with experience that we have a tendency as humans to over complicate things and turn ourselves upside down for little reward or fulfilment.

My Interests

My interests are many and varied:

Travel – I learn a lot about my self through others via their culture and history

Bushwalking for clarity, wonder and fitness

Reading! Mainly non-fiction as it’s easier to put down that fiction. I do indulge in fiction during holidays

Meeting and connecting with new people

Cooking and entertaining friends at home

How I Can Help Other Members

I can help other members create and acheive their leadership vision. I will help you get out of your own way, better understand yourself, connect with your purpose and develop the skills and confidence to lead others with purpose and clarity.

I will also help you to develop skills and habits that will enable you to:

  • Develop a personal brand with presence and show up consistently
  • Communicate with influence
  • Build unshakable self-confidence and self-belief
  • Lead yourself and others with authenticity and empathy
  • Build a rich inner life and a rewarding relationship with yourself that will improve professioanl and personal relationships around you.
  • Develop habits and routines that will support your continued high performance and goal acheivement

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

As a solo-preneur I wanted to connect with other like minded highly results driven women. I wanted to be inspired and motivated by other’s successes to keep moving myself further along and develop systems and practices that will help my business to grow.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

I offer two program within my coaching practice:

Thriving Leader: 12 week one on one leadership coaching program. Comprises 6 x 90 minute calls every fortnight and 30 minute check ins on non-coaching weeks

10% off for members

Empowered Leader: 6 month one on one leadership coaching program. Comprises 9 x 90 minute sessions thrice weekly and 30 minute check in on non-coaching weeks

10% off for members