My Connection Statement

I collaborate with entrepreneurs whose business has plateaued to build ‘remarkable” brands that add value to their bottom line through one on one consulting, mentoring and online courses.

About Me - My Biography

My passion for marketing started from the time that I started studying.  The ability to create brands and products that made consumer’s lives better touched my desire to help people.  Not quite in the way I had expected, having considered medicine (science was not in my skill set) and social work (too emotionally engaged).

I quickly started referring to the brands under my care as my “babies”.  Not having “real” babies or “fur” babies, brands are still my babies. The brands I have nurtured include Goulburn Valley, Sorbent (Towel and Facial Tissues) and Yellowglen.

My time in the wine industry exposed me to the acquisition of businesses and/or their brands.  It became very clear that the value of a brand can have a significant impact on the sale value of a business, as an intangible asset.

My passion for brands has led me to share my experience with entrepreneurs, who I believe, should be building their brand as an integral part of their business, regardless of size or resources.

My Expertise

I have spent most of my working life in the corporate world. For the first decade and a half I spent my time helping people keep healthy by eating Goulburn Valley Fruit, wiping up their mess with Sorbet Paper Towel (so strong) and making sure that the most emotional moments of their lives were taken care of by Sorbent Tissues.

As much fun as that was, and as passionate as I was about my “babies” I was tapped on the shoulder and asked if I wanted to be the Queen of Yellowglen.  So for the next fifteen years, I spent my time travelling around Australia, going to wineries, tasting wines, running wine events and nurturing a new set of “babies”.

During that time I worked in joint ventures, co-operatives, private companies and family run businesses. The breadth of business models that I was exposed to have honed my marketing skills from both a strategic and tactical perspective.

My Passions

Brands are my passion.

They help make people’s lives better, they can bring a sense of unity and purpose to organisations.

My greatest joy comes from the absolute delight on my client’s faces when they realise the power of their brand.

My Interests

Wine: Having spent many years in the wine industry, I went from being fearful to fearless.  WIne is an adventure.

Books: I love reading, but it is a rare treat that I save for holidays…when I have hours to indulge and immerse myself in a book.

Photography:  I love photography, it is my favourite art form.

Design: Anything that makes the world a more beautiful place.

Travel: Anywhere that allows me to submerge myself in a different culture.

How I Can Help Other Members

I can help people define their brand story so that they and everyone that engages with them, hears and shares the same story.

I help you take that story and ensure it is translated across all of your marketing and promotional activities so that your clients and advocates are telling your story.

I help you build and grow your business, with the long term view of your brand becoming an intangible asset on your balance sheet.


Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I wanted to feel like I was part of a community, a place where I could…

Learn, be part of a supportive network and be inspired

Her Business continues to give me that and so much more.