My Connection Statement

Hi I’m Lisa Amalfi-Chiera from eCounselling Australia, I provide caring online counselling, or coaching services to woman and their families who want to regain control over their lifestyle. As everyone in the home learns to manage the impacts of invisible illness and the difficulties associated with living with an autoimmune disease.

About Me - My Biography

When it came to achieving her dream of building an online private counselling practice “Though she be but little, she be fierce!” …William Shakespeare,  is the best description of how Lisa Amalfi-Chiera, overcome a lot of adversity to open eCounselling Australia.

Her career began in Residential Youth, Drug and Alcohol Worker, while training Lisa discovered she inherited Hashimiotos Thyroiditis (Hashi’s), an autoimmune disease. Though she struggled with chronic fatigue caused by Hashi’s, Lisa completed her training, and during the process became a wife and mother.

Widowed on 2005 with a toddler and baby, Lisa changed her career pathway and began training as a Counsellor. Towards the end of her Bachelors degree majoring in both psychology and counselling Lisa made the discovery that she had developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) a second autoimmune disease.

Very ill with both the Hashi’s and MCS Lisa knew she could no longer work the normal 9 to 5 hours. Nor could she work out in the field with clients. With stubborn determination, a little help from a fantastic medical team practicing both traditional and modern medicine, 21st century technology, friend, family and her geeky second husband Lisa found a management program. Her personal management program allowed her to gain control of her life and career once more, while living with both invisible illnesses.

By the end of 2017 Lisa put her management program for her invisible illness’s to test. She volunteered for the Excutive of  Parents Victoria (PV), and also became a volunteer Board Member for State Schools Relief (SSR). Both of these opportunities led to a scholarship in 2019 with Women in Leadership Australia (WLA), in the Excutive Ready Program. It was during this scholarship that Lisa discovered her passion for coaching woman. Woman who due to life’s circumstances had to become innovative to create an income for themselves.

At the beginning of 2020 prior to the Coronavirus pandemic beginning in Australia Lisa began her journey as a solopreneur and opened eCounselling Australia for both counselling and coaching services. Lisa Amalfi-Chiera is a registed member of:
ARCAP: Australian Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists
ACA: Australian Counselling Association
CV: Counsellors Victoria

Lisa is excited to be part of the HerBusiness network and looking forward to supporting other like minded woman within this community.

My Expertise

Lisa’s areas of expertise are:

– supporting clients with invisible illness
– supporting family members of loved ones living with invisible illness or autoimmune disease.
– individual counselling
– couples counselling
– family therapy
– telehealth counselling and coaching
– coaching
– greif
– trauma
– depression
– anxiety


My Passions

Recently Lisa has discovered a passion for graphic design and is exploring how to make quality counselling and resources from her training in this area.

My Interests

Lisa has many interests from her family, friends and fur-babies to keeping current in mental health and wellbeing. She enjoys taking walks, the gym, Body Grove, cooking, craft, music, sewing and reading. Entering the  Frankston Open Arts Competition with her geeky husband has become a challenge of creativity between the couple. Slightly traditional Lisa also enjoys looking after her home and, truely sparkles during the Christmas, Easter and other celebrations and holidays within her family.

How I Can Help Other Members

Areas in which Lisa can support other HerBusiness members are:
– brainstorming ideas for innovation and content
– provide support in running a workshop
– testing new ideas, content, software and providing feedback
– Can refer members to other counsellors in my network outside of HerBusiness if a lovely lady from HerBusiness require’s mental health support

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

As a solopreneur and extrovert Lisa discovered her qualifications in counselling, psychology and welfare did not teach her how to run a private practice, maintain a business, or prepare her for the loneliness experienced trying to decide everything on her own.   Joining HerBusiness offered Lisa and her business eCounselling Australia  the support, encouragement, accountability and professional relationships and friendships that are needed for both growth and development as a women in business.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

Counsellors need to be strongly aware of the impacts of dual relationships in the counselling space, as such eCounselling Australia will not be offering counselling sessions to any of the HerBusiness members. Instead we will provided a free referral service for any HerBusiness members seeking counselling to qualified counsellor registed with Australian Counselling Association.

If HerBusiness members would like to refer eCounselling Australia to anyone they know please email: with the heading “Snail Mail B/Card.” In the body of your email please provide your snail mail postal address and Lisa will directly send you specially designed pamphlet or brochure in the snail mail to hand out. Provided the person you refer eCounselling Australia shows or this pamphlet or brochure they will receive either 10% off all counselling sessions, or if effected by COVID-19 they will receive our COVID-19 flat rate.

However if a HerBusiness Member would like a coach to support her while she learns to manage running a business with an invisible illness the first coaching session is reduced from $120.00 to $60.00. Depending on a HerBusiness members situation other payment options for coaching are available,  please ask during your first appointment.