My Connection Statement

I’m Linda, founder of The Growth Garden.

We help ambitious service businesses to achieve their BIG GROWTH DREAMS using the same powerful tools the BIG COs use, but interpreted for smaller enterprises and at smaller CO prices.

We deliver strategic growth, branding, marketing and communications consulting, and coaching services virtually. This mix of services gets fast and sustainable results for those who get that GROWTH is a BIG DEAL!

About Me - My Biography

Having 30+ years of multi-industry, omni-channel, robust marketing and communications experience means that I’m ready to help you with just about anything on your growth journey. I’ve held Senior Director level corporate roles in various industries including  Professional Services, Recruitment, Finance,  Architecture + Engineering, and Warehousing + Logistics. And, I’ve been a freelance one-woman show, and had almost 20 years of combined B2B consulting and agency experience.

I’ve been helping grow companies for decades! From producing compelling content, building memorable brands, developing powerful growth strategies, to implementing strategic marketing campaigns and all the communications they require, my integrated approach to growth includes many areas so that clients need not look any further for a total growth solution

This is why I founded my agency, The Growth Garden, in 2022.

We help ambitious service businesses to achieve their BIG GROWTH DREAMS using the same powerful tools the BIG COs use, but interpreted for smaller enterprises and at smaller CO prices.

We deliver strategic growth, branding, marketing and communications consulting, and coaching services virtually. This mix of services gets fast and sustainable results for those who get that GROWTH is a BIG DEAL.

Originally from Toronto, Canada, I now live in Sydney, Australia and my heart is split between these two wonderful countries. That said, I know where I’d rather spend a winter and which PM I’d prefer to share a wine with.

I’m active on a variety of online freelance and social networks. I can usually be found online working in a variety of timezones as I service Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada from the comfort of my home office, surrounded by plants for inspiration.

 Looking forward to connecting!


My Expertise

Expertise in senior level growth, branding, marketing, strategy + communications in the following industries:

Architecture and Engineering

Associations and Membership Groups


Education Software, Training and Publishing

Financial Services

HR Consulting


Information Technology




Professional Services


Real Estate, Developers, Designers and Builders





Travel and Tourism


My Passions

  • Business + Entrepreneurship
  • Personal development
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • The beach
  • Nature
  • Relationships
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Coffee + Food + Wine
  • Canada

My Interests

Life is blank canvas, splash all the colour on it you can!

My interests are diverse and eclectic.  You can find me no makeup bushwalking and chasing waterfalls or all dolled up for a for a night on the town that includes live theatre and fine dining, oh, and just about everything in between.

I have a love for airplanes of all kinds – from biplanes, to single engine, to gliders, to commercial aircraft, I love to soar.  My passion for photography has been a lifelong one ever since Santa gave me my first Kodak Instamatic as a child.

I cherish time and adventures with friends and am lucky to have them on two continents. I go mad for Golden Retrievers and I’ll always stop to say hello to dogs on the street! If I’m ever late for a meeting, that’s probably why.

Originally, from Canada, now living in Sydney, Australia, I’m mad for travel and have missed it so over the past few years.

I read mostly non-fiction, but love a good novel. In fact, I’ve written and published one a few years back called, eloves me, eloves me not. It’s a story of an independent single woman who sets out to find her Mr Right.  And, as most contemporary women do, she tries her hand at online dating. The story takes an intimate look at online dating and follows the train wrecks and fairytales that ensue as Kayte Wexford learns what she will and won’t do in the name of love. And. yes, it was well researched! (haha).

Take me to the beach any day and let me walk in the warm sand with the waves lapping at the shore for that is my happy place. I plan to move closer to the beach later this year.




How I Can Help Other Members

I’ve been described as “an idea fountain” so if you’re looking for a brainstorming buddy, I’m your gal.

Other areas I can be of assistance…

  • Naming
  • Witty + strategic tag lines + positioning statements
  • Growth strategies
  • Future visioning
  • Branding
  • Defining your brand pillars + USPs
  • Growth plans + strategies
  • Ideal client profiling
  • Market research
  • Marketing plan development
  • Creating marketing operations efficiency
  • Marketing audits/reviews – what’s working, what’s not + why!
  • Content planning + copywriting

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

To be part of a network that fits my values and that offers opportunities to be both an active learner and teacher.

I want to grow while feeling like I’m part of something bigger, something that’s making a difference, and HBN is definitely that!

My Member to Member Offer(s)

I’m excited to offer members a deeply discounted, ‘Ask Me Anything’ Session (marketing and growth related, of course) This 1 hour consult session is usually priced at $399, but you can book yours for just $99!

This session is all about activating your specific growth priorities. The discussion focuses on your current state.  You come with your questions, your goals, things you’re struggling with, or things you just need another strategic growth focused brain to weigh in on.  You set the agenda, I ask some exploratory questions, provide insights, suggestions, resources, alternative ideas and some strategic solutions. It’s a productive and progressive hour that helps clarify your priorities while reinvigorating your future focus and activating your next growth steps.

I’m only booking in three sessions each week, so secure your spot early! Can’t wait to learn more about you and your business and help you grow!



Happy to offer HBN members a 10% discount on any of The Growth Garden services. Here’s the suite of growth services on offer!


Create a Future on Your Terms


A detailed vision of what you what, how much and by when, gives you the clarity so that you can plant the seeds that will bring your vision to fruition.


Plan on a future with BIG growth


Planning for the Harvest. Utilise the power of smart goal setting,  marketing and resource planning to map out your path to growth.


Know exactly who you are selling to and why


Know who wants what you’re growing. Understand what motivates your target audience so your messages resonate every time!


Showcase your brand’s unique DNA


Showcase your entire garden – Boost Your Brand’s Impact by identifying all the characteristics that can work for you!


Make sure your foundations are solid


Tending to the Soil – Ensuring you have solid foundations in place that are capable of supporting your growth.


Get focused on growth of all kinds


You need sun, water and fertiliser to fast track growth –  Once the foundations are in place, focus on scalable, replicable, and sustainable growth.


Set yourself up for success


You cant change what you don’t acknowledge. A Growth Audit, will detail your current state, identify what’s working and  make recommendations for what’s still required to create the growth you want.

Grow your own greatness and amp up your skills



Want to become a better gardener? Invest in Marketing Mentoring that maximises your potential for growth and greatness.


Make your message resonate


Communication is like the rain that fosters ongoing growth – Keep your stakeholders engaged with compelling communications.


Focus on what you need


You’ve got a handle on some growth tools and not others. Find the exact right mix for your goals that will fill the gaps and ensure you’re thriving!


Get your questions answered


Bring us your burning questions. What are you grappling with when it comes to growth, branding, strategy and messaging?  Will meet your Qs with As.


Hire the right help


From role definition to recruiting and training new resources, we can help you bring your own talent in house and ensure they’re productive from day 1.