My Connection Statement

I help people who are suffering from the stresses of everyday life to find balance and harmony with the tools of Yoga, meditation and through our community. I do this from my Northern Beaches studio and Vimeo OTT channel

About Me - My Biography

Liama Aesha is the founder of Inspire Yoga and Wellbeing in Dee Why.

Liama started on her own journey of personal growth over 30 years ago. Through her use of these techniques and working with many clients over the years, she has developed a deep understanding of how the tools of Yoga can be a powerful transformative tool. In Yoga Therapy, we use the various lenses of Yoga to empower people with specific practices to find their way back to wholeness. 

Due to her passion for Yoga, Liama started Inspire Yoga in 2015 and has aimed to show clients that Yoga is far more than an exercise class. It can become a way of life.

My Expertise

Lama Aesha is a Yoga Therapist and Senior Yoga Teacher with a background as a Shiatsu Therapist.

A practising yogi from a young age, Liama has always found yoga beneficial for her own mental health and staying balanced.

She completed her Zen Shiatsu training with Jack Marshall at the Zen Renaissance Healing Centre in 2001, and worked at this centre before opening her own practice in Kiama, NSW in 2008.

In 2010, she became a Yoga Teacher (Cert IV in Yoga teacher training) and has since undertaken training in Rainbow Kids Yoga, AcroYoga and SUP Yoga.

In 2017, Liama completed her Yoga Therapy Training with Adore Yoga.

She now trains Yoga Teachers in a Yoga Australia Certified 400hour Level 1 teacher training and looks forward to teaching new yoga teachers in 2021.

My Passions

Her passion is working in the mental health field, particularly with anxiety, depression and PTST. She uses the tools of yoga to teach the life skills of self-inquiry, relaxation and self-soothing with breath practices to help balance the nervous system and calm the emotions.

Liama loves the power of Yoga Therapy to be able to provide her clients with significant results and support remarkable awareness and change.

My Interests

I love spending time with my family.

My favourite place would have to be on the water, especially on my stand up paddle board.

I spend a lot of time hiking and being in nature, one of my goals is to walk the Camino.

I am a chocaholic, with a special passion for dark chocolate.

How I Can Help Other Members

I am happy to share my experiences in business as I feel like I treaded water for a very long time and took some time to work out what works in the health and wellness industry.

I have a blog called Inspire Wellness Australia and I am happy to have guest bloggers as long as the article pertains to health and wellness. 

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

With the world the way it is, I have needed to shift my focus to online and I joined herbusiness to help me accomplish this.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

During COVID I started an online channel called Inspire Online. We have over 100 Yoga classes from gentle to strong classes with a variety of teachers.

I am offering HerBusiness members 50% off membership for 12 months. 

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