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Cheeky Food Group is a team building/event company, skilfully using the fun and interaction of cooking to inspire smiles, talk and laughter between colleagues.

The aim is to break down barriers, over-deliver on our client’s key messages and provide workmates with a non-competitive activity that everyone can participate in – whatever their age, gender, fitness or management level.

Cheeky enthuses teams, clients and conference delegates to sizzle, flambee and saut̩ their way into creating their very own restaurant. Fun, bonding, teamwork and laughter are just the start of the cooking adventure. And the better everyone works as a team, the better the meal – making their creative efforts their delicious incentive and reward! So how does a Prawn Flambee and Wicked Chocolate Brownies with Kahluah Mascarpone sound?

This is an unforgettable EVENT tailored to meet our client’s objectives, mission statement or conference theme, complete with fun, music and vino. Forget static restaurant meals. We nail our clients’ objectives with a lively and interactive cook-up! 4-400 PEOPLE – AUSTRALIA-WIDECheeky is totally portable, so they can run cooking events for groups of 4 to 400 people, across Australia, at conferences, hotels and function centres… they don’t even need a kitchen as they bring everything in.

Or they have a swanky venue in Surry Hills, Sydney, which can hold up to 50 people. Events run from 1-4 hours, plus Cheeky is about to introduce cooking classes on the weekends, including Long Sunday Lunch Cook-Ups, Hens Parties, Singles Cooking Classes, plus interactive food and wine tours to NZ, Mudgee and beyond!