My Connection Statement

I help women who are looking for an edge to develop their own style, so they are confident and look good every day with my Styled for Confidence workshop and trainings.




About Me - My Biography

I have been working as a Stylist for 25 years, the first 18 years where in London.  Prior to that I studied Fashion Design at RMIT and worked for a decade in the fashion industry in Melbourne as a designer, pattern cutter and product co-ordinator.

With 35 years fashion experience I am able to help people discover what makes them attractive, distinct and individual, I can show them how to capture and express their personality in their appearance.

My technical knowledge of clothing gives me an in-depth understanding about how clothes fit, function and flatter the human form.

When you work with me, you will l love the way you look.

I truly love my work and the people I am able to assist.

My Expertise

  • Is in having people discover what makes them really attractive, distinct and individual.
  • Showing you how to capture and express this in your appearance.
  • Knowing what really works with regard to your appearance leaves you free from concern  – so that you can look and feel good everyday.
  • Distinguishing which colours make you look radiant, what shapes flatter your physical structure and what style of clothing is a match for you who you are.
  • Understanding the language of clothing and the impact of small detail, creates a new way in which to view your appearance and your wardrobe.
  • Sorting out the wardrobe and deciding which pieces can be altered is one of my skills.
  • Shopping is about bringing it all together, I teach people how to be efficient & discerning so that clothes shopping is both fun and productive.

With 25 years styling experience mostly in London, a Diploma in Fashion Design and a background of being a designer, pattern cutter and product co-ordinator I can show you what really works with regard to  your appearance.


This is what I do, this is what I am passionate about.


My Passions

Clothes & fashion

  • seeing people discover how attractive they are
  • sharing my passion for great clothes
  • it is about fun & being your self

Self Expression

  • seeing people engaged and lit up by what is important to them


  • experiencing new cultures, seeing what people wear, how they live, eat and engage

Museums & galleries

  • are a place to satisfy my thirst for visual beauty and history

My dog Rosie

  • she is one of the loves of my life


My Interests


  • I love the story, the costumes the characters and the complete escape


  • I love how it makes my body feel
  • I love being a part of  the group
  • I love the challenge of learning something new


  • I love how it makes my body feel

Personal Development

  • I am interested in what makes people tick, why we do, what we do and what gets in the way for us
  • I have been participating with Landmark for 34 years


How I Can Help Other Members


I will help you love how you look everyday

I can help you discover what makes you really attractive, distinct and individual

I can help you build a hard working wardrobe that suits your colouring, body structure and personality

I can show you how to capture and express your personality in your appearance

Save you time, money and anxiety



Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

  • To connect with other business owners
  • To learn and share with others about what it takes to create a successful business
  • To have a pool of resources and friends that I can bounce ideas off
  • To be in a community with business minded people


My Member to Member Offer(s)

First offer:

Free 20 minute zoom conversation 

Designed to assist you with selecting an outfit for your photo or video shoot.

I will give you general advice on the colours, shapes and styles that will flatter you and fit with your branding and message.

I will ask you questions about the environment you will be photographed or filmed in, so that your look is consistent and balanced.


Email me, to set up a time for us to do this.