My Connection Statement

I help people in business who need business images, to look and feel confident and fabulous in front of the camera, even if it’s not within their comfort zone.  With professional guidance, support, and posing during their photo session they’ll get purposeful & versatile images they love!

Using my specifically designed Image Blueprint©, we work together to customise exactly the images needed, that are authentic and really connect with their audience.

About Me - My Biography

My background is very corporate.  Armed with a Bachelor of Business in IT & Marketing, I’ve worked in legal, enforcement, IT, and Government policy & procedure writing arenas.

I like the details, the accuracy, how things work together and co-ordinate.  Data, facts, and planning.

Then, I picked up an SLR and discovered my hidden creative side!

This began my journey for the last 20+ years, studying formal photography for 2 years, working with some of Australia’s best wedding photographers. starting Affinity Photography in 2007, and all the amazing people I’ve had the privilege of meeting and photographing.

I continually study and add to my knowledge everything photo related, having a strong belief that we’ll never know everything and there’s always more to know and learn.

My Expertise

I have been a branding, family, business and local council photographer for over 20 years.

After studying photography formally for 2 years at the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, working with some of Australia’s top wedding photographers, I found my own style and started Affinity Photography in 2007.

Throughout my journey, I have had some fantastic opportunities to explore many different aspects of photography.  These include of weddings, community events, debutante balls, dance photography, family, commercial, corporate & business, local council, bubs, and pets … whew, that’s a lot!

I love helping people to relax, show their confidence and fabulous-ness, whilst I work on capturing their best angle, light, and expression and all the posing nuances that build the connection with their audience.

My Passions

Besides photography, I fill my life with as much as I can cram in!

I have a love for cooking.  I took a sabbatical from photography in 2016 and became a professional commercial cook in a variety of kitchens for a few years. Met some wonderful people who are still great friends today.  Sadly, I saw the down side of hospitality with some not so good employers (who believed paying staff entitlements and pay was optional).

Today I cook for family and friends and charity groups.

And the break re-ignited my passion for photography!

My Interests

I enjoy a good coffee, a good red wine, good food, and good friends, seeing as much of Australia as I can, and being grateful for the good life I have with my wonderful husband.

I’m particularly interested in seeing the connection people have with others and learning the nuances that make that work.  There is an essence in people that make them truly them and unique.

Photography has remained a constant through the last 20+ years so that’s a winner!

How I Can Help Other Members

I’m always looking for a complimentary business to connect / align / collaborate with.  If you think this could be you, let’s chat!  I’m based in Bentleigh, Victoria.

Having worked in large corporate businesses, been a photographer for 20+ years, and a solo business myself, I understand the need for excellent, quality visual images in marketing.  I love using my skills to help  businesses and solo practitioners to shine in their on-line marketing!

Her Business members will get a 10% discount off their photography session package – use HERBUS10 as a voucher code when you book on-line at

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

During COVID, everything stopped for many of us.  The usual didn’t exist anymore and we all had to learn new ways, pivot, and adapt to a new normal.

I became a member of Her Business to see what new ideas I needed to learn, and have instead, become inspired by the wonderful, interesting, and supporting members I’ve connected with.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

My 2022 offer to HER BUSINESS members

Her Business members will get a 10% discount off their photography sessions – use HERBUS10 as a voucher code when you book on-line

Have a look around my website and email for a MEET ME link to connect and chat over zoom. We’ll talk about how our business may align or how my skills can help you to make your visuals excel!