My Connection Statement

I help coaches, consultants, and therapists communicate their brand and themselves in their visual image marketing.

 My strategies to design each session and body language techniques help get images that really makes them shine!

This is done with an affordable yet highly professional, customised Photography Experience on-location around the Melbourne metro area.

About Me - My Biography

I started my journey straight from school into legal as admin.  My natural attention to detail made me popular with the lawyers.

Travel called and with relatives overseas, I took myself through UK, Europe and America.  Sometimes I felt like a pass the parcel with people picking me up and then passing me onto the next relative, fun times.

Back home again, I joined Telecom … remember the government run pre-cursor telecommunications monopoly.

Working in IT, I found my new passion and completed a Bachelor of Business in computing part time.  Becoming LAN administrator for a R&D corporate team in Teslstra, responsible for development of the application testing documentation, being an application specialist and liaising with BAs, end-users, and programmers.

I moved from IT (burn out as is quite common in that industry) and moved to WorkSafe Victoria.  Once again admin, I worked in roles such as research, fraud statistical analysis, legal management support and eventually did 4 years in Policy and Procedure writing for the inspectorate (the procedure writing coming out again!)

I finally finished my Bachelors at age 30 doing it part time while having an intense full time job – I know your pain if you’ve ever done that!  What did I do with my spare time?  Start another learning path of course.  I realised photography had always been looming in the background with my old but trusty point & shoot.

I picked up an SLR

The rest is my new journey for the last 20+ years

My Expertise

I have been a family, corporate and local council photographer for just over 20 years now.

After studying photography formally for 2 years at the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, working with some of Australia’s top wedding photographers, I found my own style and started Affinity Photography in 2007.

Throughout my journey, I have had some fantastic opportunities to explore many different aspects of photography.  These include weddings, events, deb balls, family, commercial, corporate, local council, bubs, and pets … whew!

Photography is the place where I see the world differently through my lens.  I remember touring in China 15 years ago and taking photos.  One of my tour friends said that I’m missing out on the sights because I was taking so many photos.  I showed them a few through the back of the camera and they said they never saw half of what I did through the lens.

I love capturing people in their best angle, light, expression, and helping them to relaxed and enjoy the session.




My Passions

Besides photography, I fill my life with as much as I can cram in!  You only get one go so make it a good one.

I have a passion for cooking.  I took a sabbatical from photography in 2016 and became a professional commercial cook in a variety of kitchens for a few years. Met some wonderful people who are still great friends today but sadly saw the down side of hospitality with some not so good employers. Today I just cook for family and friends and some charity groups doing amazing things through COVID.

I enjoy a good coffee, a good red wine, good food, and good friends, and a good life with my hubby.

My Interests

Ever since I was a child, I’ve had eclectic range of interests.  Constantly trying new things at a rapid speed, leaving a wake of half finished projects (to be finished when their time came around again)

This hasn’t changed much as an adult.

In my spare time I cook, garden, travel, excursions with the camera, cook, bike riding, exercise, crochet, cook, catch up with friends, read, draw, and then cook some more.

Photography has remained a constant through the last 20+ years so that’s a winner!

How I Can Help Other Members

I love connecting with other members and brainstorm ideas.   If anyone thinks that an alliance/collaboration between my photography and their business is a match, I’d love to have a chat about this.  I’m based in Bentleigh, Victoria and generally photograph throughout the Melbourne Metro area.

Having worked in large corporate businesses, been a photographer for 20+ years, and a small business myself, I understand the need for excellent quality visual images in marketing.  I love using my skills to help small businesses and solo practitioners to shine in their on-line marketing!

I have a special offer for Her Business members below :)

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

My usual word of mouth and avenues I have used for the past 10 years are not what they were in today’s climate.  I need to pull up my big girl pants and learn!  Learn like crazy.

Since joining HerBusiness, I have begun to TOTALLY rejuvenate my business, my way of thinking, and even the photography I offer people.  I feel so positive about the future and getting back into the new ‘normal’ for creative fields.

I am really happy to be here and am truly amazed with each and every connection I am making with such wonderful business owners.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

HER BUSINESS members can get a 15% discount off a Personal Branding Photography Experience with the voucher code HERBUS15 upon booking.

The Personal Branding Image Experience packages I have created after being a part of Her Business offer a culmination of my skills over the past 20 years as a professional photographer, to create images totally tailored to YOUR business.  I go beyond the standard posing, to achieve unique images designed for the individual personality of the business and the person behind the business.

Have a look around my [new] website and use the Discovery Call link to connect and have a meet me chat over zoom. We’ll talk about how our business may align or how my skills can help you to make your visuals excel!