My Connection Statement

I help accidental project teams to confidently speak up, address risks, and deliver successful projects. My group training shows you how to deliver valuable projects while my coaching programs help you apply these tools to suit your environment. I do this through online and face-to-face team training and coaching programs to support your structure and the way you work.


About Me - My Biography

With 20 years in the project game, I started my project career in the ’trenches’ playing roles of coordinator, business analyst, tester, scheduler and financial controller. I have supported the visions of both the project team and the business which has given me the opportunity to see and help overcome challenges on both sides.  As a leader I managed local, national, and international delivery teams on projects, programs and portfolios.  In my 15 years as an independent project management consultant to several ASX listed companies, I became the person who was called when projects needed reviving.
I have assembled project teams from scratch, managed them, created entire delivery functions, been a project mentor and coach for a variety of teams in diverse industries, and roled out several project methodologies as a trainer.  I am certified in PMP, Agile, Scrum & Scrum Mastery, and Prince 2.  

While everyone is talking about Project Management, I see it as a strategy. And while understanding strategy is important, it’s in the doing that projects fail or succeed. Project Delivery is where it’s truly at.  This is why my business helps people to improve their project delivery, strengthen their success with knowledge, and empower their people with resources using a human touch.

My Expertise

I help project teams to feel confident and equipped to consistently deliver projects which they are proud of, and that are valued!

I specialise in inexperienced and underperforming project teams delivering business improvement projects.  These include IT & telecommunications projects, data management & reporting, HR, finance, marketing, and customer service projects.

I am a project delivery expert. I have spent the majority of my project career as a project manager and leader and have also taken on roles as a Business Analyst, tester, Financial advisor, and Scheduler.  As a leader, I managed local, national and international delivery teams in roles of Program Manager, Delivery Manager, Portfolio Manager and Head of Delivery.  For over 15 years I was an independent project management consultant to several ASX listed companies helping them to rescue and salvage failing projects.

I have assembled projects teams from scratch, managed them, created entire project delivery functions, been a project mentor and coach and roled out several project methodologies as a trainer.  I am certified in Agile, Scrum, Scrum Mastery, Prince 2, a mentor for the Project Management Institute Melbourne Chapter, and have published articles to the Global Project Management Institute.

My Passions

My 2 beautiful kids; my son Micah @7 and daughter Nikita @5 and my husband David.

I love music in all forms. I sing, dance and play some instruments for fun.

I love living and experiencing all that life has to offer! Even through fear and self doubt (and there’s plenty) but going for it anyway.



My Interests

Helping people to feel empowered, comfortable in their skin, and to find happiness through people connection.

I love the outdoors and natural activity in nature like hiking, kayaking, diving, visiting waterfalls, and all the beauty that helps us to put our issues into perspective.

I love being a kid with my 2 young children and being a feminine and fun adult to my husband, family and friends.

Cooking and entertaining family and friends.

Taking myself out of my comfort zone and to discover new adventures, experiences, friendships, and  opportunities.

How I Can Help Other Members

By contributing when my input may help.

By sharing my own experiences and being brave enough to ask for help – as this will grow the courage of the network.

By being a choir of celebration on wins (big or small) because we all need it.

By referring when I can and feel comfortable.

By being open to collaborating with complimentary businesses/services.

By giving others in a the network a go when the opportunity presents itself.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

For motivation, support, to connect to a network of like-minded business owners going through similar struggles and obstacles, to keep me on track with my goals, for new ideas and suggestions to continuously improve my business.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

Free project performance self-assessment worksheet.

Free 30 minute consult of the Project Triangle of Confidence – to build the team’s lost confidence, feel supported to question decisions, feel confident to speak up.