My Connection Statement

My business, KISS WP Websites (Keep It Simple Sweetheart WordPress Websites) supports women owned, or led, micro or small businesses who are struggling and frustrated by their WordPress website. They can relax with my KISS Stress Less Webcare Plans which allows them to focus on their business while we focus on their website.

If you’re not sure what would be right for your business please book in for a free 30 minute chocolate and chat session (1 per client). If you book the zoom session then we’ll be able to look at your website using share screen. 

P.S Why chocolate? Because in my world everything is better with chocolate :-)

About Me - My Biography

As soon as I open my mouth you’ll know that I’m not Australian, and that’s because I’m not. I moved here in 2007 from the UK with my Irish husband. I was born in South London, UK, and we would pronounce that a Souffff London.

I’m incredibly lucky to have a multi-racial family. My Dad is a black Jamaican man, and my Mum a white English woman. However, it doesn’t stop there. In my family there is also Nigerian, Indian, American, Haitian and Swedish. I tell people that I married an Irishman because we didn’t have that nationality in our family :-)

How does a city girl end up living in regional South Australia? We came here on the holiday of a life time knowing that we would never be back. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong :-) I fell in love with Australia. It took us 5 years to move here with all the visa requirements and it was worth it. We moved to Mount Gambier, South Australia initially, and in 2019 we moved to Compton, a few kms from Mount Gambier on 8.32 acres.

I never thought I’d be living on a property like this. It’s so peaceful and beautiful. I love taking photos of the sunrise first thing in the morning with all it’s stunning colours.

I have a confession to make. I’m a geek. I started working in Information Technology (a long time ago) as a computer operator, then a programmer and finally my last role in the corporate world was an an analyst programmer. As well as working in the UK, I worked in the Netherlands and Italy. As an analyst programmer I would find out user requirements, analyse systems, test systems and using my programming skills amends systems too. I didn’t realise that I would be using these same skills in my own business years later.

When I arrived in Australia I was a self-employed analyst programmer but when the global financial crisis hit my work from overseas agencies dried up. I turned to my side hustle of website design, to grow that into a home based business. In 2020, I transformed my business into KISS WP Websites (Keep It Simple Sweetheart WordPress Websites) because my business filled a need of WordPress websites that were frustrating business owners, it fitted with my problem solving skills honed by years as an analyst programmer, and it filled my desire to support more businesswomen in being heard through their website.

My Expertise

Although I’m a self-confessed geek, I also have the ability to translate geek into English.

I know that your WordPress website is not always in step with your business plan and not always giving you the results that you want. You tell me what you want your website to do and I can help you get there. My years of being an analyst programmer gave me the skills to find requirements (what you want from your website), test the current system (what is your website doing for you now), make recommendations (here’s how we amend your website) and then implement agreed changes.

I get annoyed, really annoyed when businesswomen pay for beautiful websites and are not taught how to update or technically maintain them. This is why I’ve created services that take care of your WordPress website allowing you to focus on your business or if you want to DIY your website maintenance I have a course for that as well. The main point here is that your WordPress website has to be updated on a regular basis, whether my business does it or you do it.

Many years ago a Maths teacher once told me that if someone didn’t understand what was being taught, if wasn’t their fault it was the teachers. The teacher had  to find a way through. I still believe that which is why I always start from the KISS, Keep It Simple Sweetheart, approach.

My Passions

I know that women’s voices need to be heard. When I started as a computer operator (a long time ago) I was in a male dominated industry. My ideas could be ignored, while a male colleague took a my idea, repeated it and it was hailed as the best thing since sliced bread! I sat there with my mouth open thinking, that didn’t just happen!

The more women’s voices we have out there in the world, the easier it is for other women to speak. Other women need to hear you.

My Interests

I love reading funny, romantic novels. Ones that actually make me laugh out loud. I also love reading fantasy books such as the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. Although he created a fantasy world it holds up a mirror to our world and deals with race, gender and equality all under the guise of fantasy.

When it comes to music I’m a 80’s soul babe at heart. That’s my go to music although I do listen to more recent soul and R’n’B music too.

I’ve recently got back into writing. I’m writing a romantic comedy that is loosely based on the first six weeks of my relationship with my husband. It’s funny and sad, but I won’t give anything away in case it turns into a book (or maybe even a movie! :-) ).

How I Can Help Other Members

If you’re stuck with your WordPress website then please reach out to me for a free 30 minute chocolate and chat session (1 per client). These are not sales calls. These are a way I give back with you getting my WordPress expertise for 30 minutes. 

P.S Why chocolate? Because in my world everything is better with chocolate :-)

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

Honestly, I’ve been following this network for years, even when it had it’s previous name. I think I had to truly believe in my own business and what it can do for others before I joined. At least, that’s what I felt, although my business would have been further along if I had joined earlier. I say that because I’ve already received a lot of value in the membership and I’m writing this after being a member for only a few months.