About Me - My Biography

Julie Wise has over 25 years in business operations, strategy and performance improvements.She is an accredited Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and an alumnus of the Institute of Executive Coaching.Julie established The SilverOwl specifically to help businesses with their strategies and operational efficiencies. With Julie's wealth of experience, and network of associates, The SilverOwl provides access to a vast range of business performance solutions and experienced professionals.Julie is on the Australian Businesswomen's Network Advisory Board and the NSW Committee for the Australian Women's Archive Project. In Jan 2010, she joined the Fred Hollows Foundation.

My Expertise

I am business change expert with over 25 years experience working at the board, executive and business owner level, driving productivity and operations improvement across many Australian businesses. I founded the boutique management consultancy The Silver Owl in 2007, to enable startups and growing businesses opportunity to work with experienced corporate managers as they build and grow their businesses. In addition to working with TheSilverOwl’s clients, I serve on a number of corporate, SME and not-for-profit boards; and board committees, across the asset management, property, charity, business and cultural sectors. I also have authored a number of articles and regularly write and blog about strategy, business and leadership. Many of these are published on www.thesilverowl.com.au I’m also a guest blogger on a number of national career and business blogs.

My Passions

My greatest passion is to making things simpler and to bring back sense and sensibility into businesses. Many businesses over-complicate their world because they think they need to ‘because others are doing it’. It doesn’t need to be like this – follow the trend and ‘UN’ your life.

My Interests

I have many varied interests and range from the technical intricacies of Wagner’s Operas to falling from a horse because I wasn’t paying attention or burning the dinner because I was tasting too much wine. I do pretty much most things. All my interests share a common theme of striving for excellence and achieving the best in the circumstances of the moment.

How I Can Help Other Members

In business you need a clear picture of where you are going and how to get there. I can help many members make the challenge of business ownership easier by helping you carefully select and assess strategies and plans to maximise your business results. Make the challenge easier!