My Connection Statement

I help frustrated 6 to 7 figure business owners save time and money, by simplifying their sales and marketing systems with our proven 6-step framework called The Bumper Blueprint, that will help them grow and scale their business faster.

About Me - My Biography

I run Bumper Leads, a boutique marketing automation agency that’s been featured in Smart Company, Kochie’s Business, Inside Small Business etc. I have a team of 4 staff who are all email marketing experts and can help with copywriting including design and build of complex sales funnels.

We’ve helped over 200 businesses, big and small, simplify their sales and marketing systems so they can:

– capture more leads and convert them into paying customers;

– gain greater understanding around how to nurture their customers without investing more time or marketing dollars.

I’ve spent 12 years working in Procurement and Supply Chain for large companies; I purchased my first ecommerce business where I learnt to harness the power of marketing automation to clear inventory and sell more stock without having to hire extra staff.

I’ve been working in the marketing automation space since 2016.

We work with all CRM’s including ActiveCampaign, Zoho, Ontraport, Klaviyo, Omnisend, etc. across all platforms such as WordPress and Shopify. We are one of the first ActiveCampaign consultants in Australia.

If you’re looking for a strategic marketing automation partner to help you grow your awesome business, you’re welcome to reach out at

We’re based in Melbourne Australia, and help clients grow their businesses all over the world.


My Expertise

Over 6 years experience helping small to large businesses setup marketing automation strategy and implementation.

Have worked with over 200 businesses, helping them launch new products or implement new CRM’s – in SaaS, E-commerce, B2B, Consulting and Online memberships/Course Creators.

I am a host of a podcast called Fall In Love With Your Business Again featured in Spotify, Apple Podcast and others.

My Passions

I enjoy travelling, reading books and doing daily meditations

I have visited over 120 countries and I’m yet to visit South America and Antarctica.

My dream is to kayak with orcas in the Antarctic.

My Interests

I’m loving the Women’s Workout app on my iPhone – it gets me sweating! I also use Nike Run app and enjoy doing their running challenges. I run about 40kms….per month :)

Fun Fact – I used to be a body builder in my 20’s and placed 1st in my first body building competition.

I’m also an avid guitar player and can speak multiple languages

How I Can Help Other Members

If you’re stuck on picking the right CRM or marketing automation platform for your business, then I can help advise on what’s best fit for your business.

We’ve worked with plenty of email marketing platforms so we know their strengths and weaknesses. I can save you time in making the right decision for your business with confidence!

It can be expensive (and complex) to change platforms as you grow and scale

Do you ever ask yourself, how can I qualify leads better?

Or how can I improve my email open rates?

How do I migrate my contacts from Mailchimp to [insert another platform]?

I can help with all of this!

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

My business has been virtual from day 1 – but being virtual means that you can be isolated. And that’s not fun!

So I’ve joined HerBusiness to be inspired by other successful women who like to dream big

My Member to Member Offer(s)

When it comes to building you marketing growth system, you have to be both a sales and marketing expert; and a tech wizard! It’s hard to live in both camps while also running your own business.

If you’re looking to move away from basic marketing automation tools such as Mailchimp, and want to step up your game with more advanced automation platforms  that can help you save more time, I’m happy to chat over Zoom.

Also if you’re a consultant or a coach looking to launch a new course, I can help you with strategy and implementation.

And if you’re using tools like ActiveCampaign, Ontraport, Klaviyo etc. and want to know if you could optimise it so that you’re utilising all the features properly, I can audit your current processes and advise on 3 things you can do to achieve high open rates, qualified database of subscribers so they are easily nurtured into a transaction.

I look forward to learning more about your awesome business – you can book a time directly with me here