About Me - My Biography

Jodie Newman in a business creativity expert and business owner with a diverse professional background. Before setting up her current ventures, Jodie trained at the Royal College of Art, studying furniture design, providing a lasting passion for the creative idea and the creative process.

Jodie went on to work in the production and marketing industries, firstly as a Production Director and then as Inspiration and Learning Partner for one of the largest UK agencies. This is where Jodie first established her pitching-winning idea generation process.

In 2003, Jodie established Creative Consulting, a business dedicated to putting creativity at the heart of organisations to give them a competitive edge. In 2011, Jodie set up The Business Allotment, a training and coaching organisation aimed specifically to help SME owners arm themselves with the wide range of skills, knowledge and ideas that are critical to running a successful business.

Jodie published Business Creativity: A Practical Guide in November 2013, with the aim of helping organisations understand how to get the most from their Brain Capital and create a creative culture.