My Connection Statement

I help executives and their teams to work smarter not harder and faster through my (online) High Performance & Wellbeing Coaching Programs.  

About Me - My Biography

I am a high performance and wellbeing coach, offering:

– High Performance & Wellbeing Coaching & Mentoring

– High Performance & Wellbeing Workshops and Webinars

– Wellbeing & High Performance Speaking

My journey thus far:

I prepared for my working life with a Commerce degree.  I begun my career in Retail Banking, moved into Investment Banking, become FCPA, took a fantastic detour into training and then onto Financial Services.

During my 20yrs in Corporate, I held various senior management roles across several industries, in areas including strategy, financial, relationship, technology and change management in Australia and overseas.

A polymath by nature who thrives on learning and challenge, I moved beyond my traditional corporate career in search of new challenge.

I created a boutique strategy consultancy business working with mid-sized businesses.  I extended my knowledge in human physiology and transformation through the study of nutritional medicine.

And because I know what you think and how you relate is as important as what you do and how you connect to purpose, I gained my coaching certification anchored in brain-based coaching.

My journey to date has allowed me to evolve and refine my understanding of the interconnectedness between employee performance, wellbeing, change strategy and business performance.

Being able to extend and share my learnings in this space so others can benefit is my passion.

To leverage my unique blend of expertise, knowledge and experience I have founded two businesses:

– The Capacity Equation to help you work smarter not harder and faster.

– Mad for Health focused to help you become and stay a well being.

My Expertise

My areas of expertise include:

  • High Performance Capacity
  • Peak Wellbeing
  • High Performance Mindset
  • Wellbeing Mindset
  • Art & Science of Influence
  • Time Management
  • Performance Blockers
  • Decision Fatigue
  • Stress Management
  • Resilience
  • Energy Management
  • Healthy Eating
  • Brain Based Coaching
  • Change Management