My Connection Statement

I help busy and overwhelmed small business owners and professionals get more done and become more productive with the time they have through workshops, programs and a tool, the Antplanner which is a small business planner/diary.

About Me - My Biography

I  landed in Australia with 2 young children and a husband 12 years ago.

Many said this beautiful country either makes you or breaks you, but we were determined to make it. This sentence did pop up again years later in the middle of a divorce and especially after my ex husband left this amazing country and moved home. It broke him, and it made me.

Although I have a degree in cartography, I found my ground in direct sales, and through learning being  coached I built a successful business in direct sales. On the back of that knowledge and the need to find a decent planner to help grow my business and be more productive and in control, I created the Antplanner in 2015, just because I couldn’t find the right tool for me.

Since then I realised that having a good tool is not enough and knowing how to use it at it’s best is as important. This is how the consultancy side of Antplanners was bore.

Today, I poses a Time Management Specialist of the year title, and I am teaching my own methodology on how change the journey while making friends with your own time. Because finding time and appreciating the time that we have is one of the most important things in life, because it enables us to do all those things that make life worth living.

My Expertise

Changing your journey through making friends with your own time, while finding your own truth to better time management.

I also offer a practical tool the Antplanner to help you stay on target to achieve your goals and dreams through careful planning.

My Passions

My passion is all about helping small business owners find the time in their busy schedules for everything creating an ideal life-work harmony.


My Interests

Love learning more about how visual information affects the way we act and live.

I am also interested in how different personality types are relating to time and the use of time.

Another interest is towards maps and the world itself.

I have always been fascinated in traditional karate and the eastern philosophy on the one thing you perfect over a life time, even though my life is a constant change.

How I Can Help Other Members

My expertise is around productivity. This is why I help you to become more productive through recognising the way you relate to time and by changing beliefs and patterns around how we use time.

I practice and teach my own methodology. And the goal is to help you find your own method to better time management or should I rather say self management, because we can not change time. We can only change the way we relate to time.

I also have a great tool to help anyone create a doable plan, a small business paper planner. And I do believe a good planner can become your best accountability tool.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I am looking forward to upscale my business. My big goal for this year is to earn enough so, I can grow a team.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

I offer a FREE monthly masterclass – Make Friends With Your Planner – on the first Monday of the month at 8pm. All you need to do is register online and turn up on the night :). This masterclass is all about helping you improve the way you use your planner so it becomes the best tool to keep you on target in your business.

I also offer every 3rd Monday of the month a workshop, The Blueprint to Life-Work Harmony that is all about shifting the way you think about time and offering a 7 steps practical system to help you create a doable plan through your planner to achieve your goals and dreams.

I also offer a FREE CALL, for anyone who tries to figure out if working on better time management could work to solve their problems. I specialise in time management ( or self management in relation to time), sometimes, connecting a person with someone else is a better solution then working with me and I do pride myself of being the connector you might need to find the right solution, so let’s have a chat and see where it goes.