My Connection Statement

I help small business owners who are overwhelmed or confused by systems choices to find the best customer relationship systems for their needs via personalized consulting and my CRM game plan course.


About Me - My Biography

My business is SalesPod, and we help the leaders of small and medium organisations who are worried about the technology they are using (particularly to interact with their customers). These businesses know they need better technology, and they what they have today is holding them back. But there are so many products out there, the choice is confusing and overwhelming. We offer consulting and online courses that help you get clarity and confidence in your technology choices, making the tech work for you, not the other way around.

My experience began with 20 years working in global businesses across a range for industries from fast moving consumer goods, through to health care. These businesses often had huge teams in sales and marketing, but also with huge IT teams to back them up. These global businesses had already invested hundreds of thousands of dollars over decades and were now trying to squeeze out 1% improvements while trying to respond quickly to changes in markets and technology. I learned a lot about what was possible, about what worked and didn’t work, but also what could hold you back, limiting and organisations agility and ability to change.

Smaller businesses need many of the same capabilities, and with the right tools in their hands can make a huge impact, without spending as much time or money. I love making a difference to these business, helping them show up in a big way, and make a difference in their worlds, with the confidence that they have the right technology supporting them.

My Expertise

Creating a technology architecture that serves you, and more importantly that helps you connect with and serve your customers better.

I sit it a unique spot between sales/marketing and technology with deep expertise in both areas, with an added some added background in finance and supply chain. I can help you and your team get really clear on what you need from technology to make great choices; and also help you understand some of the things that the technology can do for you that you might have never dreamed of!

My Passions

About from being passionate about CRM, I am passionate about having a full and diverse life! I also teach a variety of business subjects (with a focus on information systems) at university, and am a passionate sports person, as a participant, coach, official, volunteer and more! If you are interested in my personal volunteering and sporting journey have a look at

My Interests

My interests definitely align with those passions – I love to read and learn, both business content but almost on any topic! And from a sports perspective, my main interest right now is football (the soccer version mainly) where I play, coach, refereed and volunteer, as well as supporting Sydney FC. I also participate in taekwondo, triathlons and squash, although the Covid lock downs have dialled back some of what I was doing.

How I Can Help Other Members

If you are confused about technology choices, particularly around CRM or other customer facing systems, please reach out. Always happy to have a quick chat, or just answer a question on the HB Members FB group.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I came for the fantastic content, and stayed for the even more fantastic community!