About Me - My Biography

Frieda’s experience began with 20 years working in global businesses across a range for industries from fast moving consumer goods, through to health care. These businesses often had hundreds or thousands of people in their sales teams, and tens or hundreds of thousands of total staff and billions of dollars of revenue. These global businesses had already invested hundreds of thousands of dollars over decades and were now trying to squeeze out 1% improvements while trying to respond quickly to changes in markets and technology.

Frieda realised the techniques and processes used by large businesses were just as relevant to a smaller organisation as a very large one, both for setting strategy and for process improvements. In fact, the difference that could be made to a small business was 10, 20 or even 100 times bigger than the incremental changes possible in a large organisation.


Excited by this revelation, she decided to offer big business capabilities to small and medium sized businesses and be a part of creating large improvements in their success.