My Connection Statement

I am a Milliner and I create bespoke headwear for rural, regional and remote women who are attending a special event but have limited access to retail stores, or opportunities to shop.  I offer one to one consultations both in person and online, and I showcase my collections by exhibition, through my online store, and as the Milliner on the Move.

About Me - My Biography

From early beginnings in rural New South Wales, solopreneur Felicity (Flic) Brown, the ‘Milliner on the Move’, is an Australian country girl at heart. Since moving to Western Australia 25 years ago she has worked in the beef, agriculture, pearling and aquaculture industries as well as in remote aged care. Her career journey includes working with ASX-listed and private companies/businesses, federal and state government and individuals.

Flic is a self-taught milliner and began creating headwear while working on remote outback cattle and sheep stations. In 2007 she registered Hats by Felicity and since leaving a salaried income in 2016 her hobby has become her primary business. Flic has grown Hats by Felicity and continuously upskilled her trade of millinery through the Australian Hat Academy, while retaining her product niche of using hand-collected feathers and south sea pearls grown in the waters near her hometown of Broome.

In 2014 Flic was the first Australian milliner to showcase on the runway of New York Fashion week. The high rises of Manhattan may seem a long way from the white sands of Cable Beach and even further from the dust and grit of outback cattle yards, but not for Flic. After showing three years in a row at NYFW Flic graciously declined the subsequent annual invitations to return, to concentrate on repaying the costs surrounding the privilege, and redirecting her energies into further developing Hats by Felicity. She has since been selected twice to represent Australia with her millinery in the Great Hat Exhibition of London Hat Week.

Flic’s commitment to fundraising began at 19 years of age when, through the Miss Australia Quest, she was awarded runner-up fundraiser for NSW, for her fundraising efforts for cerebral palsy, and her energy has continued. She has supported the Cancer Council with fund-raising events for more than sixteen years and for the past three years Flic has worked with Variety, the Children’s charity, and participated in the Variety Bash, driving across Australia in full Mad Hatter character with Alice and Queen of Hearts in a 1985 Mercedes Wonderland to visit and deliver funding and special needs equipment to children and communities off the beaten track.

Over the years Flic has featured several times in the RM Williams Outback magazine, including the special edition ‘Great Australians’ profiling ‘20 living legends of the bush’, along with the Spring 2016 edition of Graziher, the magazine for women of the land, and Airnorth Cable Beach Polo magazine 2018. She was a feature on ABC TV’s Landline in 2018 entitled ‘Outback Milliner: The international success of a former jillaroo turned hat-maker’ and a podcast guest with Central Station in 2019. Flic also featured in the Julia Bradbury Australia series aired with BBC and SBS and her journey and life achievement from Broome to the Big Apple is told through a documentary entitled MadHattan from the Kimberley to New York, released in 2017, a film by Carolyn Constantine, narrated by Claire van der Boom and purchased and released by Foxtel.

Flic’s philosophy on life is: give and grow and just have a go. Her energy and positivity are infectious and she embraces every day with excitement – and a huge, magnificent smile.

My Expertise

My expertise is making ideas happen.  I’ve been creating bespoke headwear and welcoming guests to my purpose build accommodation for decades, and during this time my expertise and income generating work was primarily in special project development and business management, for ASX listed and private companies, federal and state government, agencies, businesses, companies and individuals.  I’ve worked within the beef, agriculture, pearling and aquaculture industries, film industry, suicide prevention and remote aged care, with expertise in licensing and permit applications, vision planning, project development, communication and engagement, just to get started.


My Passions

My passions are endless!  Millinery is an obvious and with this comes the love for all things antique and old.  I am passionate about the Kimberley and hosting guests in my accommodation, introducing them to the colourful history and township of Broome.  I love ideas development and making things happen.  I am extremely passionate about rural Australia and the people within the rural/primary producer industry – who feed the world.  I love immersing in remote outback Australia and I take the time to stop and smell the salt bush.   I’m passionate about self care, about mental health, about encouraging youth, making people feel great and about making a difference.

My Interests

My interests are millinery, travel, photography, business and special projects development, mental health, fund-raising, accommodation hosting, ..

How I Can Help Other Members

I can help other members needing any tips and leads for the Kimberley region of WA (particularly Broome).  I’ve lived in the Kimberley for 25 years and fully immersed myself in the region and most industries.  If you’re coming to Broome on holidays I can suggest what to do and see and where to stay .. and you can even stay with me.

Above all, if you are off to a special event that commands headwear, It will be my absolute pleasure to create your fabulous bespoke headpiece or hat.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

For many years I had a mentor and I raise my glass to him, however, he’s not here any more and I just haven’t been able to find another.  I have searched for years for my Network.  I’ve spent a large percentage of my life living remotely and while I wouldn’t change that at all, what I have craved for is like minded people. I can count on my hand the number of girlfriends that I can call to chat about ideas development, in fact, on three fingers.  I have fabulous friends, don’t get me wrong, and I love them dearly, but when we are sitting on the beach with glass of bubbles in hand, watching another magnificent sunset and a problem is raised, my first response is we can change that, there’s a business idea here .. they all just giggle at me and say “you’re a cracker Flic” .. and we watch the sunset.  I became a HerBusiness Member so I can watch the glorious Broome sunset with my girlfriends, and then come home and discuss ideas development with my Network.  I want to grow my Business, my Brand and Me.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

With great pleasure I offer 10% discount to Members who purchase from my current Hats by Felicity Millinery collection.