My Connection Statement

I help women with dry and irritated skin rediscover what luxurious skin feels like through our range of  nature based olive oil based soaps and skincare

About Me - My Biography

Deb Bower has always believed in the power of Nature.  The natural progression of training as a Naturopath over 15 years ago brought together all of her beliefs and knowledge to create with her partner a business called Olive & Ash the uncomplicated skin care company.  The Naturopathic philosophy is to “do no harm” and by the use of herbs and ingredients in their natural form shows in the quality of their products.  Olive & Ash is one of the only companies in Australia that create and manufacture the true Castile soap be it a pure olive oil soap or a liquid castile which is a body wash plus some.

She started the business 14 years ago in the pristine environment in Tasmania where the ingredients are consistent with their beliefs.

My Expertise

My expertise is in the areas of health through our body that shows on our skin.  I have a great interest in food as medicine having worked as a chef before and during my Naturopathic life and how simple changes can make all the difference.  Combine this with the products you put onto your skin I can show you ways to

  • have a healthier life to enable you to cope with your stressors
  • show you simple ways to work with your body to have a glow
  • and above all my expertise is using the simplest ingredients to benefit, you, your skin and the environment

My Passions

My passions are to be able to do my bit.

Through our business we have strong beliefs of giving back.

There are areas of which we support financially to assist in increasing and maintaining habitat from deforestation in borneo and sumartra and to help save the lives of Orangutans but also all of the other life that live in these environements.  People are driven to giving into these multi nationals and giving their land up for an income where working with groups like AOP these farmers and workers are employed to look after their jungles and to keep all inside of it safe from destruction.  This empowers them to be able to maintain their traditional farming and to see their way of life maintained.

Of spending 25 years traveling the globe to mainly developing countries and the need to empower women to be strong and capable with running their businesses which is a powerful way to enable them to get out of poverty and to be able to educate their children.  KIVA plays an important role in assisting these women through a small loans scheme to beable to maintain, get help or grow their businesses and we feel proud to be able to do our bit.


My Interests

My interests are the exploration of life.  The thought of life without travel and experiencing other cultures and experiences is not something I think about.  Traveling for me is a way to grow and with a passion of exploring developing countries with Mexico and central america at the top of the list.  It is the outdoors in general where:

Hiking – multi day hikes camping in the bush the smell of nature give me time to think without distraction other than the animal life and time to explore the little things.

Kyaking.  To put the kyack into the ocean or a river and to explore is so much fun and you get to see things that you just don’t see from land.

Socialising – catching up with friends and being out at dinner, a party, a gig be it music or comedy. Just being out and having some fun with friends

How I Can Help Other Members

I can help other members by contributing to their questions with experience I might have in an area that I have strengths.

In a business sense I can help other members with issues of their life pertaining to products that they use and the way they interact with their skin. Even do to the simple thing of why you get dry or irritated skin and little things of the soap they use or why they get hormonal breakouts, issues with gut and skin or even our wonderful Lymphatic system and the way a clear and invigerated system can help with their skin and well being in general so always happy to have a chat.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I became a HerBusiness member to be part of a community where I can feel free to discuss and ask questions and get answers that are so generaously given by all in the community.  Living in a small town is isolating with discussing needs and the mentor program has been a savour for myself and my business with helping to direct me in the right direction and not wasting time or money to get somewhere.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

From Olive & Ash we would like to offer you an offer for a 20% discount on your first order to be able to trial and get to know our products and the benefits that they can have to your everyday life by simplifying the number of products that you need in your bathroom or to put onto your skin.

I would love to guide through the process either via the live chat on our site or by email or facebook to make sure you choose the right product for your skin type or for your family especially if they are children or teenagers who suffer from skin problems like dry and sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne prone skin and by catering for those with the most sensitive of skin then everyone can use them.

so click on here to go to our website

browse our store and if you have any questions ask away and remember in the coupon box put the word

her10% coupon will activate your 10% off on all online orders.

on top of your discount coupon we always throw in a treat for you to try

we look forward to you visiting and if you have any feedback it is greatly appreciated