About Me - My Biography

Blair Singer is considered one of the best facilitators of personal and organisational behaviour change in business today. Since 1982, he has worked with tens of thousands of individuals and organisations ranging from Fortune 500 organisations to small businesses.Blair is the bestselling author of SalesDogs™ and the creator of numerous tools for sales people and sales teams. He has come into demand as a presenter and corporate consultant. He has conducted thousands of public and private seminars with audiences ranging in size from three to three hundred to over 10,000. His unique high-impact teaching style combines humour, fun, accelerated learning, inspiration, global perspective and an ability to get people to really think and assess their own positions. This style has allowed some client companies to increase sales by over 122%, reduce employee turnover by 50% and instil the values of accountability, responsibility, team and leadership.He has been the personal coach to many key players in the business world for over 10 years. Blair’s style is highly interactive, entertaining and extremely impactful. His inspirational qualities have motivated many around the world to create great positive changes in their businesses and in their lives. His work spans the countries of Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Canada, South Africa and the United States.In the late 1970s, Blair became the top sales person nationally for the Burroughs Corporation (now Unisys) in the United States. Blair attributes this to the creation of highly motivated, high performance teams. This was done within an organisation where individuals were traditionally working alone and were encouraged to compete against one another. Before there was such a term, he created ‘cross-discipline teams’ that pioneered some of the first disk-based mini-computer installations in America.In the early and mid 1980s, Blair established one of the fastest growing airfreight trucking networks in the U.S. He founded and built the company from scratch into an international operation with a network spanning over 100 cities in North America. Using his strong beliefs in the power of great teams, he built his own to be recognised as the leader in logistical efficiencies, on-time operations, superior customer service and extraordinary profitability. Using his team formula he created a vast multiple-agent network in which average people became superstars in their positions.Prepare yourself for a new learning experience. Unique learning technologies give you greater results.Unlike traditional business school curriculum that teaches business management theoretically, Blair Singer uses simulations, specially designed games and processes, high participant interaction, fun, colour, music, group activities and high energy professional facilitation. He creates a climate that closely simulates and re-enacts the real life issues that participants face in their work environment. His unique delivery method allows the information to be delivered faster and with higher retention while keeping you engaged and in motion. You will be able to take the people and leadership skills you have learned and use them immediately. You will be personally challenged, inspired and engaged.Positively shift the attitude and/or culture of your entire organisation in less than half the time of any other training or consulting technique with a monumental increase in retention.