About Me - My Biography

Dr. Anita Simon is the co-developer of SAVI, the System for Analysing Verbal Interaction, and is co-author of Conversation Transformation: Recognise and Overcome the 6 Most Destructive Communication Patterns. She has been writing about SAVI since 1965, and has delivered numerous workshops on SAVI and related topics at a variety of professional conferences.

SAVI, pronounced savvy, is a data collection tool for collecting and analysing what goes on when people talk. One of its theoretical bases is information theory which allows one to predict whether a conversation is going in the direction of solving problems or in the opposite direction.

Anita is also a psychologist in private practice, co-founder of The Restaurant School in Philadelphia and was previously Director of the Humanising Learning Program of Research for Better Schools, a program funded by the US federal government to help move US curriculum and teaching practice into the 21st century.