About Me - My Biography

“Hello. Together with my business partner Pip, we are Sequins & Sand… summerwear for busy women.” Wow! That was written about 8 years ago I reckon. And a lot has changed since the beginning.

Hi! It’s lovely to e-meet you! I’m Anita, founder of Sequins and Sand and prior to that, a radiographer and a project manager before having my 2 children. Oh, and married to a military man for 30 years. Moving is what we did best!

When I started Sequins and Sand with Pip all those years ago, it was out of frustration of not being able to find swim and resortwear to pack with us on our up coming summer break as ‘late 30 something’ year olds. We were beyond the skimp of surf shops and back then, the chains and department store offerings were uninspiring to us. So, we dove in and created an online store selling the essentials a woman 35+ would need for a happy summer holiday. Online only because that suited my nomadic military lifestyle. A couple of years later, Pip returned to the UK for family reasons and Sequins and Sand became my baby.

Over the years it’s evolved to be so much more than just selling those essentials as I came to understand with each conversation and email exchange, what so many women struggled with each and every summer; the confidence to get into a swimsuit and feel good about it!

My purpose is clearer now and it’s the foundation on which everything we do at Sequins and Sand is built. That purpose is to help women live their best summers with confidence, feeling supported with out thoughtfully designed swimwear and fitting advice.

Connection Statement: “I help women whose body shapes have changed over the years to get back into a swimsuit and feel confident once more, with my supportive, thoughtfully designed swimwear and fitting advice.

To strengthen those efforts and encourage women to do this #CossieConfidence the movement was born in 2017. Leading up to summer, we put a call out for women to join The Crew. Women who are as passionate about this message as I am, to lead the way and encourage others to love their bodies in a swimsuit and make those precious memories with family and friends. It’s gaining momentum and making a difference.

I look forward to chatting with you online and in person in this wonderful Her Business community and learn of your passion for what you do too. Maybe we can make magic happen together :)





My Expertise

Some call me ‘the Cossie Whisperer’ because of my ability to help women find a swimsuit that they feel great in, with much less stress than they thought possible.

Listening. Helping others find a way. Giving women the confidence to give things a go and take a chance or two.

My Passions

Helping women to live their best summers – with confidence. And that includes in a swimsuit!

This is why. For women like Cath.

“Hi there, Today I received my two pairs of new bathers that I ordered online from Sequins and Sand. I just have to let you know how absolutely thrilled I am!! As a really large and chunky woman, whose figure has run amok over the years, buying bathers online is so tricky and usually scares the hoohah out of me! But I cannot be more pleased with my choice.  Using your guidelines and recommendations, the fit is perfect for both styles, and both styles fit me perfectly.  The quality is fantastic and both costumes are so gorgeous and supportive that I actually feel lovely in them.  I’m so glad I couldn’t choose and bought both!

Heartfelt thanks, Cath.”

Learning and change. I thrive on the thrill both bring. Eager to try new things (even if I don’t always get it right) and see them spring to life is what I absolutely love. Starting with a blank piece of A3 and taking an idea and making it a reality.


My Interests

My loves: Being with my family and close friends. Gathering and sharing a meal made with love. Add a drop or two of cold bubbly & Australian sparking reds on a hot summers day.

The beach!

Travel – different cultures and lifestyles. Places, spaces and buildings.

I did love the feeling of getting completely lost when painting. Maybe I’ll do that again one day. That, and throwing plates and pots.

How I Can Help Other Members

Always up for sharing ideas to see if we can make magic happen together.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

To meet, share and learn from/with other women who are driven to make a difference, in their own way.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

Use the code HERBUSINESSBUDDY  at the checkout and receive Free Express Post! :)