About Me - My Biography

I am an entrepreneur in the health care industry. I am a hand therapy occupational therapist by trade, and for a long time that was my day job, until I embarked on my business journey in 2006. Since then I have developed and grown three clinical practices helping clients to overcome hand and wrist injuries, as well as helping parents navigate and nurture their child’s development for home and school. I live in Tasmania and love being able to utilise the online world to gather a team around me and continue to provide quality allied health therapy services for our clients.

From my experience as a therapist starting and growing allied health practices, I grew a very strong passion to help other people who might be standing in similar shoes trying to start their own business. I wanted to help create a journey for therapists into private practice world that wasn’t overwhelming or stressful, but rewarding and do-able. This passion led me to develop an online business called Maida Learning, helping many allied health practitioners navigate their way through private practice ownership through my online membership, courses, mentoring and business templates.