About Me - My Biography

I believe in women. Women can make a significant difference in senior management, the boardroom and beyond. Throughout the last 20 years in executive positions, on advisory boards and committees, and being COO of a $100M private company, I have frequently been the only woman ‘at the table’. Leading with impact I know how women can be heard at a senior level.

As the creator of The Gravitas Project, I am passionate about mentoring other women to unlock their unique potential for career advancement and professional growth. My approach is to support women to make significant changes to the work they do and how they do it, learning gravitas along the way.

The Gravitas Project and The Gravitas Lab are initiatives of the company I launched in 2017: Refined International.

At Refined International, we believe that women can learn to hold themselves with grace and strength in any business situation, so they become the obvious choice for that promotion/grant/equity injection/overseas secondment/board appointment.

And we believe that the world, and business in particular, would be a better place if led by those who have mastery in communication, relationship building, influence, charisma and courtesy.

I look forward to working with the next generation of women who lead, and sitting with them ‘at the table’.

My Expertise

Strategy and business planning during periods of intense growth and business transformation; governance, risk and compliance; acquisition integration; strong financial governance; managing stakeholder relationships and leading culture; mentoring.

My Passions

I am a passionate advocate for lifelong learning and employability. I have a particular interest in working with Australian businesses that are striving to achieve the dual objectives of commercial success and social accountability.

Financial empowerment for women – being the CFO of your life.

My Interests

Social Justice, Health and Wellbeing, Interior Design, Helping women to be the best they can be.

Mentoring women in business and women business owners at all stages of their life and career.