My Connection Statement

I help worried horse owners with sick or injured horses get their horses well again through best practice care, workshops and on line education.

About Me - My Biography

I am the founder and managing director of the Equine Care Clinic and Equine E Care – organisations dedicated to the care of sick or injured horses.

My background in Emergency Nursing and my passion for horses converged nicely to respond to the worries of horse owners in their time of need.

I love being able to provide practical, relevant and up to date information and solutions and that is our ethos.  Translating research into practice and getting it out there is important.  I also translate Vet speak into the language the rest of us speak so owners get what is going on. I  get a kick out of doing all this in the most cost effective way possible.

There is a knack to convincing a 500kg animal they really should stand still while I clean that massive wound on their back leg and that there is no need to kick me in the head!  Approached the right way most of these gentle giants allow me to do what needs to be done.  It’s incredibly satisfying work – if you can call it work.

I have been a nurse for 28 years – 17 of those spent in busy emergency departments and the last 11 working senior health executive roles in hospitals ensuring safe and effective care delivery.  My family and I have built the Equine Care Clinic as a side hustle since 2010.  This year (2018)  I finally took the leap from corporate world and I’m so happy that I did.  It’s been life changing in so many ways.

I’m now looking forward to really promoting our message and building on the foundation established.




My Expertise

I specialise in equine wound care as well as equine first aid training and general horse health

I also have expertise in:

  • grant writing
  • quality improvement and risk management
  • change management planning and projects
  • people management



My Passions

My passions are:

  • horse and people welfare
  • learning new things and getting to the bottom of tricky issues
  • protecting our environment
  • innovation
  • continuous improvement
  • policy and procedure writing

My Interests

  • Horse Riding  – mostly exploring the beautiful bush around our property these days but I also loved eventing and showjumping when I was out and about.
  • Painting and drawing which I don’t do enough of
  • A really good read

How I Can Help Other Members

Whilst my primary business is healing horses I also have a range of skills and abilities in running health services that may be helpful for other members and i am more than happy to share information.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

Having recently left the Health sector I’m now looking to grow and scale up the Equine Care Clinic and our Equine E Care business.

I joined to be part of a ‘team’ and to accelerate my business growth and development.

HerBusiness offers so much in this regard that it was a bit of a no brainer!

My Member to Member Offer(s)

We are launching our new Sick or Injured Horse Membership Group,

We have a special offer available for Her Business Members.

I’m so excited about this Membership because it will give horse owners a great resource to help them look after the health of their horses wherever they are in the world.

Membership includes:

  • Private facebook group so you can meet other horse owners like you
  • Weekly Q & A lives
  • Monthly Masterclass Webinars
  • Downloadable resources such as checklists, feed and care charts and relevant e-books
  • Product discounts

The membership will be priced at $29.95 per month next time around however for HerBusiness Members the special offer will be $9.95 per month.  This special pricing will remain in place for as long as the membership remains active. (if you want to gift this to someone the offer is still valid)


So if you are a horse lover and owner or you know someone who is, do your horse a favour and register for the waitlist at