My Connection Statement

I work with successful woman who have been neglecting their health and wellbeing to chase $$ and success.  And are feeling uncomfortable and realise to reach where they want to be in life, things need to change. I do this using personalised coaching 1:1 programs tailored to get results.

About Me - My Biography

Alison is a true powerhouse in life and business. A multi-disciplined award-winning performance athlete and celebrated entrepreneur. Having competed in the sport Olympic in weightlifting, rowing, crossfit, athletics and body building with multiple awards, for her home country of New Zealand, Alison and her family now call the Gold Coast, Queensland home.

Ali is a celebrated businesswoman, winning multiple industry awards. Her success as an athlete and entrepreneur is magnetic, and her presence is real, raw and authentic. Life hasn’t always been easy. Just when she could have given up due to significant health issues, Ali could have let critical health issues stop her in her tracks. Her determination kicked in.

Ali’s desire for a healthier body, loving relationships and a life beyond the average lead her to a place where she can deeply impact the lives of others.

Having the focus, combined with the right balance of patience plus persistence, with a whole lot of life experience, enables Alison to work clients to take them to the level they only dream of. With Alison’s guidance, the ability to help the clients stretch enables them to reach their potential at a pace that sparks motivation. Sure at times, you might hit a wall, yet Ali will help you climb over it, and leap over the hurdles on the other side.

Alison is a published author, contributor and mentor. She has qualifications in Bachelor of Health Science, NLP trained, many coaching certificates in a multitude of different practices. She is passionate about helping women find their voice, reconnect with the goddess within, release the shame and guilt resulting from years of suppression and step into their true selves to find their freedom.

Alison loves helping clients who want to do the work to find their wisdom, truth, and inner wonder woman.

My Expertise

I have been coaching entrepreneurs and successful women for over 15yrs.

I am a fully qualified Occupational Therapist and Coach.

I have also transformed my own health and body, whilst building business and being a busy mum and wife.  I understand the journey.

My Passions

I am passionate about seeing women be all of who they are. To feel comfortable in their bodies, vitalistic and fully expressed in the world.  I feel women are the centre of so many things, and sometimes we just need a little additional support.

I love health and fitness and passionate about business.

My Interests

I love sport, the gym, my family, yoga and great food.  I love success and business.

How I Can Help Other Members

I can assist and support you to priorities you and your health and get back on track.  If you have more health and wellness you can do so much more. Also you can then sustain you business and life for so much longer. And feel good on the inside and outside.

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I really wanted to find a new community of women who celebrated each others success. That lifted each other up.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

You will get a free workbook, and discovery 30min call with me.