My Connection Statement

I help women discover their Gorgeousness, using the tools Fitness, Beauty, Makeup Artistry and Styling.

About Me - My Biography

Adele has been in the body movement and image industry since the tender age of 4 years. She was a childhood model in the 1960’s, has performed in Professional Musical Theatre, danced for The Rhodesian National Balletwas Student of the Year in the Beauty Specialist Diploma, won Silver medals in the International Body Sculpting World Championships in Dubai, and ran her own ballet school for 23 years. She has travelled the world as a Makeup Artist working backstage at prestigious events such as The Formula 1 Grand Prix Amber Lounge Monaco, Singapore and Mexico. 

Performing personally on, and backstage around the world has given her the edge when it comes to Personal Training, Weight management, Injury Prevention, Body Conditioning and Strengthening, Beauty, Skincare, Makeup, Hair and Styling. 

My ability to identify, communicate and understand the client’s needs, in the momentand having access to so many skills, creates the perfect environment for my clients to succeed. 

Adele has worked with clients of all genders, ranging from 18 months to 80 years. She is a wife, mother and grandmother and believes that we are what we eat, think and do. That who we surround ourselves with plays a large influence on our happiness and who we become.  

Adele’s recreational time is spent creating works of art with her hands, interior decorating her home, crocheting net curtains, making lamp shades and blinds, mosaicking outdoor murals and pots for plants. She has made a lot of her own clothes and for her children when they were growing up. Some of them hand painted. 

Working with me you’ll gain an advisor and confidant, a guide and a motivator and you’ll learn that feeling good doesn’t have to be all hard work and expense. It can be about making simple changes and bringing fun back into your life. 

Adele was a finalist for Canberra Women in Business Awards 2016 for Business Woman of the YearOutstanding Community Spirit and Best New Business, and finalist 2017 for Micro Business Woman of the Year.

My Expertise

I help clients identify their needs, focusing on highlighting and accentuating their greatest physical assets, making them shine so that they can become the best version of themselves.

To do this I use the following tools:

1. Weight loss: If they have weight to lose. By doing this we reveal their unique body shape so that they look and feel good in their clothes.

2. Fitness: I tailor a fitness program to them. To define and sculpt their body’s best shape, and teach them deportment, so they walk confidently in their clothes.

3. Nutrition: I teach them clean eating for their specific needs and goals.  This can include health issues or improving their body shape. I retrain their palate, helping them achieve high energy, clarity, enthusiasm, bringing back their joie de vivre, creating and attracting positive energy and turning their lives around.

4. Mindfulness: I teach them how to think to eliminate stress, anxiety, tension and feelings of inadequacy, helplessness and lack of confidence.

5. Full Beauty Salon: With this new-found enthusiasm, I take them on a journey through the Beauty Salon. This includes manicures, pedicures, massage for relaxation, waxing and tinting, spray tanning, and eyelash extensions.

6. Skincare: I teach them how to have healthy skin. Reversing and repairing the signs of ageing. The results are so profound, that very quickly they have a spring in their step and a twinkle in their eye. Their friends and family become enthralled and intrigued by the journey that have taken to discover their true self.

7. Makeup: For those requiring it, I teach how to apply makeup, introducing them to the right tools to use and wear, enhancing their natural beauty.

8. Styling: With this new-found confidence I  teach the client what colours to wear to enhance their features. What clothes to wear and how to wear them for their body shape, so that they walk with grace, confidence, a glint in their eye and a SMILE because …

‘You’re never fully dressed without a SMILE’

My Passions

My passion and reason for starting the business was to help others to find inner peace!

I realised through my own journey that we are what we eat, think and do. That who we surround ourselves with plays a large influence on our happiness and who we become. We need love and support from others to blossom.

Having experienced it all myself I can relate to and identify other’s pain and guide them patiently through it.

My 30 years of teaching ballet, jazz and tap to all ages – Male and Female, gives me the edge when it comes to Personal Training, Weight management, Injury Prevention, Body Conditioning and Strengthening.

I have run my own ballet school, performed personally on, and backstage around the world. Worked with the making and designing of costumes and designing and applying makeup for all these events. This gives me the edge for Beauty, Makeup, Hair, and Fashion.

My ability to identify, communicate and understand the client’s needs, in the moment, creates the perfect environment for my client and business to succeed.

My hope and passion through my business and industry is to teach women to have a healthy relationship with their bodies. To learn to love and embrace, not feel the need to ‘fix’ what they hate about themselves. To change their mindset to enjoyment, consistency, gratitude and enthusiasm, removing the dread, fostering body acceptance and positivity.

My Interests

First and foremost, I am a wife, mother, grandmother, always focusing on ways to bring family together, creating warm memories.  Married to Brett, for 37 years! We have Immigrated twice, lived in three different countries. Escaping violence…looking for a safe, happy, peaceful country with opportunity for our children Kirsten and Brian to grow up.

Kirsten is married to David and  they have a son called Bradley who is 3 years old and refused to call me granny or Nanna ! He decided to call me ‘Day’, I am happy with that as long as it is a Happy ‘Day’ :) We have twin granddaughters due on 22nd August 2019.

I have high energy! My days begin at 5am with early morning Personal Training clients. I move between Fitness, Beauty and Fashion styling throughout the day, 6 days a week. I love to study, continual learning and I perform in local musical theatre, so far Cabaret, Evita and Anything Goes’.

I have tried my hand at Body Sculpting, winning my category down the South Coast, qualifying to go to the World Championships in Dubai where I won Two Silver Medals for Australia.

Love creating works of art with my hands. Have done all the interior decorating in my home, making curtains, crocheting net curtains, making lamp shades, blinds, mosaicking outdoor murals and pots for plants. Make a lot of my clothes and made for my children when they were growing up. Some of them hand painted.

I am a keen gardener landscaping the entire back yard. Growing my own vegetables.

I am original host for a beehive for Canberra Urban Honey. Canberra was nervous to host a hive, so I did! Now there are over 50 hives in Canberra.

I have hosted a Biggest morning tea, most years, to raise money for cancer.

I have run the ‘Mother’s Day Classic, Canberra times fun run, City to Surf, Skukuza half marathon, South Africa. Ran 3 times per week for 8 years with our Jack Russell.

I am a keen cook, love to bake. Am always trying new recipes. Have followed most celebrity chefs.

I have traveled with the Global Hair and makeup  Team of Makeup artists to do makeup for the high-profile international media attention, Amber Lounge Fashion and Charity Event in Monaco, Singapore and Mexico. A fashion and charity auction, where F1 drivers, ladies of F1, celebrities and models walk the runway, creating international awareness raising more than 4 million euro for charitable organisations.

How I Can Help Other Members

Does your occupation require you to step out in the public eye looking confident, well-groomed and Professional?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

I help women step out with confidence with my unique Online Programs in:

1) EXERCISE : My “Let’s Get Moving Again’ Online program is designed for the busy professional. This program will walk you gently through all that you need to get moving without risk of injury. It is an 8 week program broken up into 8 modules, one per week, with quick to the point video instructions and pdf downloadables. Click here for more information

2) WEIGHT LOSS : I have a very simple and effective way to lose weight, I don’t put you on a diet and I show you what to eat when eating out. Click here for more information

3) MAKEUP TUTORIALS: Our ‘Let’s Make Up’ Online Makeup Program is one of a kind and unique. I specialise in Mature faces and show you what products to use and where to put them to help you to step out feeling confident and looking gorgeous.

4) SKINCARE: I specialise in skincare to reverse the signs of ageing and restore a healthy glow. I am a walking example of Environ Skincare (won best medical skincare in the USA 2018 and 2019), have been using it on my clients since 2005 and would love to share my knowledge with you. Click here for more information

5) STYLING: Do you know what to wear to make you step out feeling confident and looking Professional? If not, then contact me here:’re never fully dressed without a SMILE’

If you join my Her Smile Online Community you can gain access to my Her Style Wardrobe Revamp series. 6 videos rolled out over 6 weeks, guiding you to step out in style xx

TESTIMONIALS‘: I love the fact that you don’t “sugar coat”, for lack of a better word, and are firm yet gentle and understanding in your approach. You give me the facts in an easy to understand way and don’t make me feel like a total failure for having reached this point in my life.’ ‘It’s fun to start moving again!’

Why I Became a HerBusiness Member

I am hoping to meet and be inspired by other successful women and also learn how to market effectively. My weakness is selling and how to communicate my value.

My Member to Member Offer(s)

OFFER 1 : Our First ‘Let’s Get Moving Again‘ 8 week Online Program is now up and running very successfully! We are offering it to Her Business members less 50%. Full price $997, Her Business Member’s  price $497. Until 14/9/19.


OFFER 2: Our next very popular Afternoon Tea and Makeup Tutorial Event is 14/9/19.

You will learn:

• How to prep your skin to be the perfect canvas for your makeup.

• Which products to use – based on all Adele’s trials and errors, and what she has learned on her international travel as a makeup artist. (saving you time and money!)

• How and where to apply product to enhance your natural beauty.

• All products will be supplied for learning purposes.

• Brushes and products Adele recommend’s will be available for purchase on the day.

• Numbers Limited.

Click here for more information


OFFER 3:If you join my Her Smile Online Community you can gain access to my Her Style Wardrobe Revamp series. 6 videos rolled out over 6 weeks, guiding you to step out in style xx