To win in this hyper-competitive business environment, you must ask the question: “How can we help?” If you’re asking how to make your products more exciting and how to create more hype, what you should instead be asking is how you can be more useful. To win in this hyper-competitive business environment, you must ask a different question: “How can we help?”

Jay Baer, author of new book Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help, Not Hype, says that nothing cuts through the noise like providing help to those who need it.Drawing from his experience consulting for more than 700 brands, and rich with case studies and examples, in Youtility, Jay Baer provides a groundbreaking recipe for how to use information and helpfulness to transform the relationship between companies and customers.

In this webinar we explore:

  • How to create a customer for life
  • Why being ‘top of mind’ is no longer enough
  • How to be right WHERE your customers need you WHEN they need you
  • Practical ways that you can implement the youtility principle in your business
  • Why being amazing is not enough
  • How business strategy has changed and why it is not as effective as it used to be
  • Why giving away information is essential if you want to survive
  • Easy ways to identify client needs so that you can develop services to cater to them
  • When marketing needs to be marketed
  • What to measure that matters
  • How to make being useful an integrated part of your business processes

Comments from the audience:

“The speaker brought back the importance of looking at data, measuring results and applying it to your marketing strategies.”

” The topic overall is really interesting and very timely for me as I am reworking my approach to my marketing material.”

“It was live, real and authentic. Not hyped up marketing that isn’t achievable.

“The examples Jay provided were very relevant to my role and my organisation, and challenged the way I think about marketing and the impact on customers.  LOVED IT!”

“Very relevant information and lots of examples.”

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  • Youtility - Why Smart Marketing is about Help Not Hype
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About the Guest

Jay Baer helps businesses clone their customers. He has created five multi-million dollar companies and is a 7th-generation entrepreneur. He is the President of Convince & Convert, a consulting firm that helps the world’s most iconic brands like The United Nations, Nike, 3M, and Oracle use technology to win new...

About the Book

Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help, Not Hype

Youtility is a new marketing framework for the age of information overload. The difference between helping and selling is just two letters. But those two letters are critically important to your company’s success. If you’re wondering how to get more attention and how to make your products seem more exciting...

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