Your Business. Your Brand. Course

Do your customers have a crush on your brand? Do they recognise it, adore it and know how you are different from your competition?

Up until recently, branding has been a word associated with big companies. And, it’s been associated with ‘logos’ and ‘tag lines’. Wrong! Whether you’re a solo or small business, your business can now drag business away from competitors and open up your specific part of the marketplace. It’s time to think differently. Micro-branding for small businesses gets results. Here’s what it takes:

1. Apply the most effective big-brand strategies to your small brand, without the cost.

2. Add to that the power of social branding and a targeted audience and you have a winning formula for standing out and driving business.

The new ‘Your Business. Your Brand.’ online branding course introduces solopreneurs and small business owners to proven strategies that you can use to build your brand on a limited budget. And, you it shows you how you can carve a big chunk of mind-share in your specific niche.

Attend this online branding course to learn:

  • Big brand strategies for small brands
  • How to establish your microbrand as an industry leader both locally and internationally
  • How to stand out in a sea of competition
  • Positioning strategies that work on a budget
  • Branding tactics that will allow you to make a big impact, quickly
  • Why microbranding is essential for your small business
  • Little known strategies for grabbing mind-share and heart-share amongst your key audience members
  • How to target the exact people who want to hear from you (and what to say to them)


Course Overview

Part One – Your Small Business Brand

  • Why your small business SHOULD bother branding
  • Marketing and branding principles every small business should know
  • The roles of traditional vs online media and branding
  • Differentiating your small business brand – What makes it truly different?
  • Marketing vs branding – and how they work together

Part Two – Social Branding and Your Target Audience

  • Defining the target audience that will buy from you
  • How to develop messages that motivate your customers and get them to act
  • Brand management across social platforms
  • Social marketing plan – your road map to social success
  • Measuring your success against your strategy
  • Social – by example (case studies)



Your tuition includes both modules and course materials.

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Learning Outcomes and Program Features

As a result of participating in the ‘Your Business. Your Brand.’ online branding course, you will develop a message to motivate customers and get them to act. You will also develop a blueprint for a powerful social media brand management and a social marketing plan. And, you’ll identify the platforms and tools that best suit your brand so that you don’t waste time and money on the wrong tools and platforms.

Who should attend this online branding course?

  • Small businesses seeking to be thought leaders
  • Sole traders and startups with emerging brands
  • Businesses who want to stand out from the competition
  • Small business owners looking to build their profile
  • Small business owners looking for powerful brand management techniques


Program Format

  • 2 Modules: 2 x 90-minute webinars
  • Resource materials, templates and links to useful sites and tools
  • Access the recordings to review the sessions time and time again


Event Details

  • Your Business. Your Brand. Course
  • Price: $297 (Login for Premium Member Discount)
  • Speakers: Cheryl Hayman
  • Venue: On-Demand Course

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About the Guest

In October 2004, Cheryl launched Hayman Strategy in order to maximise her 21 year career working for major multi-national corporations, in Senior Marketing positions, both here and abroad. Additionally, mentoring is a passionate commitment from Cheryl and she works with many people, particularly women, across all ages and stages of...