You’re working hard to get your message out to the world and to grow your business. But you find that your income is great some months and terrible the next. Imagine having a repeatable income that you could count on every single month to grow and scale your business?

Businesses like Netflix, Spotify and Audible use a subscription business model to grow huge profits. And, many small business owners are experiencing similar, huge growth, by adopting a recurring revenue model.

Think about the weekly gardening or pool cleaning service, the air-conditioning maintenance company or the weekly box of fresh organic veggies that you might have delivered.

Your business could be perfectly positioned to jump on this market trend which has seen grown by more than 100% percent a year over the past five years.

In this Summit session:

  • The 3 characteristics of a PERFECT market primed for a membership site
  • Why “less” will produce a LOT more profit… and happier members!
  • How to use your EXISTING knowledge and passion to win more clients
  • The #1 strategy for establishing your expertise in a crowded market… even if you’re just starting out
  • Why the most effective marketing strategy that has nothing to do with marketing

Launch A Successful and Profitable Membership Site

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You’re About to Discover How To:

  • Find the perfect market for your membership
  • Establish yourself as the “go-to” expert
  • Attract an awesome TRIBE of followers
  • Step off the content creation treadmill
  • Choose the best pricing model ( so you can make money)

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The Growth Zones featured in this Session

With so many demands on your time and with so many challenges coming up every day needing your attention, where is the best place to focus your energy? That’s where the 8 Growth Zones can really help.

This summit session relates most to the Growth Zone: Money, Planning & Sales & Marketing. Learn more on page 36 of your workbook.

Your Summit Workbook

We’ve made it easy for you to take the information and inspiration from the summit and to implement it right into your business so that you can start to see fast results. Capture all the genius ideas, take notes and map out what the next steps are that you’ll put in place in your business with your Summit Workbook. Click to download your workbook.

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Event Details

  • Turn your Knowledge, Influence, or Passion into a Low-Stress, High-Profit Business with Stu McLaren
  • Speakers: Stu McLaren and Suzi Dafnis
  • Venue: On-Demand

About the Guests

Hi there. I’m Suzi Dafnis, CEO at HerBusiness. My BIG passion is helping women business owners to grow and scale their business, so that they can create their ideal lifestyle and make a difference in the world. Every day I am inspired by the more than 30,000 amazing women (and...

Stu McLaren coaches and consults New York Times best-selling authors, top rated speakers, experts and niche celebrities on how to launch, grow and scale high profit recurring revenue streams. As the former founder of the world’s #1 membership platform for WordPress, WishList Member, he had the chance to serve and...