How to Succeed with Email Marketing

If your inbox is exploding with more emails than you can read, you’re not alone. That’s EXACTLY what your customers are experiencing too!

So, how can you get your emails opened and, more importantly READ and CLICKED ON, when there are so many others competing for your ideal customer’s attention?

The answer is the 4-Step Email Marketing Edge process that gives you:

  1. A solid Foundation – that helps you clearly identify WHO you are talking to, WHAT your offer is and exactly HOW to reach people
  2. A more powerful Connection – today it’s all about CONNECTION – here’s how you can send emails people actually look forward to receiving!
  3. An easier Implementation – using the power of automation you can get smarter with your email marketing without necessarily working harder!
  4. A reason to move into Action – get past the “overwhelm” and the “writer’s block” and start easily once you know where to begin and what to prioritise.


During this online training you will learn:

  • How to build an ongoing, engaging and authentic connection with your audience
  • How to make your emails something your customers look forward to, rather than just another message clogging up the inbox
  • What kind of emails will get people BUYING from you… and even better, becoming your raving fans, even referring their friends and family

Comments from the audience:

“It was packed full of great email marketing tips to implement in my business. Its a reminder to focus on the basics.” – Jane

“Learning about applications to help with email marketing.” – Rhonda

“…turning the sales funnel upside down – great analogy.” – Aarom

“I picked up a lot of tips on marketing that I can implement.” – Tiffany

“…the need to be intentional about who you target with your email campaigns.” – Gayelene

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Event Details

  • How to Succeed with Email Marketing
  • Speakers: Michelle Falzon
  • Venue: On-Demand

About the Guest

Michelle Falzon, Director of We are Content, has more than 25 years experience in marketing and communications from her early days in TV, radio and press (documentary films, TV and radio commercials) through to print (book publishing, magazines, marketing collateral) and on to her early adoption of digital marketing in the...