Social Media is how small business can effectively attract new business, generate leads, find new suppliers, conduct research and build a sense of community around their brand. The Social Media Crash Course is an easy way to quickly and effectively learn about the best social media platforms for your business, and how to use these to drive great results.

Program Overview:

This two-part online social media course will give small business owners the information and skills needed to select the right social tools for business outcomes, coordinate social media activities and develop assessable outcomes for business success with social media.

The Social Media Crash Course will take you through:

  • Why social media matters and why you should be using it.
  • Building your personal profile
  • The best social networks to join, tools to use and strategies for social media success. We look at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and other social network platforms to discover which is right for you and your business.
  • Incorporating social media into business operations without being a spammer.
  • Using social media to network, get new clients and market an individual or business.
  • Where to start — the shortcuts that make social media easy.
  • Examples of how people and businesses are using social media successfully.
  • Social media mistakes that could cost you and how to avoid them.

During the first session, we establish what social media can do for you and your business. We look at the most popular social networks and how small businesses are using these platforms to engage clients, build their database, create buzz, and expand their network. During the second session, we determine which social media tools are most likely to give you your business outcomes and we develop the framework for your Social Media Plan. Your course tuition includes handouts and resources to help you implement the lessons taught in the course.

Here’s what you’ll have learned as a result of participating in this program:

As a result of attending the online social media course, some of the practical outcomes you’ll receive include:

  • understanding how to use social media to achieve a range of business outcomes.
  • knowing which tools are most likely to help you achieve your social media objectives.
  • having developed a step-by-step plan for your business’ social media strategy.
  • being able to recognise common social media mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • knowing how to manage your brand across social media platforms.
  • understanding the metrics of what social media success will look like for you.

What past participants say:

“The course was tailored relevance to small and very small businesses; very Australian-specific content and situations; useful tips on very relevant aspects of social media use.”

It was great to be able to take part without leaving the office. The speakers were friendly and engaging. The information was in manner and language, which was understandable. I didn’t feel like a dummy.”

“I am now able to discern what areas of social media may be useful to our business. As a result of attending the course, I am inspired to use social media more effectively.

“The relaxed nature of the conversation between Cat and Suzi is great.  Learning is like having a conversation with friends and makes it so much easier.”

“Thanks a lot. I enjoyed the conversational delivery. Very user friendly!”

A lot of great ideas and tools, especially the template idea for campaigns.”

“I found the resources and ROI sections of the Webinar most valuable.”

“I have learned a lot and will now be able to create and implement a social media plan.”

“It was a good overview of social media and it has made me think about how we can do better.”

“It was informative. It provided a good overview of the various social media platforms that one can use for one’s business.”

“Great work. Well presented and easy to follow.”

“Many thanks – love your work.”

“Enjoyed the structured crash course which was easy to understand and I like how you explained Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.”

“I liked that it was relevant and easy to follow.”

Informative and articulate presentation that provided some good personal observations.”

“Thanks a lot. I enjoyed the conversational delivery. Very user friendly!”

Thank you for such an informative course – I believe both Cat and Suzi have this to the T.”

“Very helpful tools, tips and practical ideas I can implement!”

Event Details

  • Social Media Crash Course
  • Price: $297 (Login for Premium Member Discount)
  • Speakers: Cat Matson
  • Venue: On-Demand Course

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