Small Business Marketing Course

Introducing a short course that helps you critique the important aspects of marketing your business and teaches you to develop your brand for future growth. The Small Business Marketing Course is a crash-course that will enhance your ability to implement marketing that gets real results for your business. Watch the Small Business Marketing Course, and you will:

  • Identify and examine your target market in order to create compelling brand differentiation and a relevant positioning
  • Develop useable strategies for direct, offline and online marketing
  • Learn how to engage and activate your customers through targeted communications and specific messaging
  • Receive guidance on developing a comprehensive marketing strategy and plan

The course includes numerous handouts and resources to support your learning. Plus, through the use of case studies, you’ll evaluate the marketing activities of other businesses and share and embrace those lessons that are relevant for you, whilst learning from identifying what doesn’t work.

Course Outline

Part One – Target Marketing and Brand Positioning

During the first session, you will look at:

  • Who is your target audience? Who is most likely to buy from you? — You’ll get specific about your audience.
  • Create a clear core marketing message that speaks to your target market and tells customers why they should buy from you
  • Determine the position that your brand can hold with your ideal customer
  • Look at new and interesting marketing methods to add to your marketing mix

Part Two – Strategies for Direct, Online and Offline Marketing and Customer Activation and Engagement

During the second session, you will work on:

  • Effective ways to send messages direct to your customers and ask for the sale, while avoiding wasting money and time
  • How to ensure your marketing is measurable
  • How to use public relations to spread the word about your business
  • Easy methods for marketing automation and systemisation
  • Ways to use the internet to leverage you message and drive your marketing
  • The role social media can play as part of your marketing strategy

Part Three – Your Brand Blueprint and Marketing Plan

During the third part of the course you’ll discover:

  • Steps to creating your own brand blueprint
  • Guidance on developing a comprehensive marketing strategy and plan that produces results


Learning Outcomes and Program Features

Some of the practical outcomes you’ll get from this program:

  • Understand the fundamentals of good marketing practice
  • Create your own marketing plan, tailored to your business
  • Discover ways to measure your marketing so that you know what is working
  • Uncover new and interesting ways to effectively market your business

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What past course participants say:

I learned where and how to start  a marketing strategy and plan and implementation; Regardless of the product/ service the core business is marketing and customer satisfaction.”

The course is a great reminder of how small a role well thought out and strategic marketing has played in our business so far. Imagine how successful we could be if we had a clue?” “Easy format, easy to follow – thank you!”

“I enjoyed the information and clarifying the components of a marketing message e.g. benefits vs feature vs what to say etc.”

Clear, straightforward message and minimal jargon.  Practical application evident. It seemed that everyone’s questions were answered.”

“Clearly laid out the basic steps to marketing that a business should take and how important marketing is to every business.”

Direct and down to earth presentation of useful information.”


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