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Suzi dives into the first part of Jeff Walker’s Launch formula from our current Book Club book Launch.

“A system to get your target market SO engaged with your product (or business) that they almost beg you to sell it to them.”

About the Systems Growth Zone

The Systems Growth Zone looks at how you leverage your time, money and resources on a daily basis and  how you get the best possible return on your effort, and avoid wasting emotional and mental energy.

One of the main reason a business stays in CHAOS is because of a lack of systems. 

When you’re working as a solo operator, you can get by with a few simple systems. But as you employ staff and work on bigger projects or sell more products, or bring on distributors – you need to systemise to become Tipping Point ready.

The systems for a four person company are very different from a 12 or 25 person business. It’s the same with having just a few clients vs thousands of clients.

We learned this the hard way… definitely going through a period of chaos as our business grew from a few part-time staff to more than 40 full time staff in two countries and across multiple time zones.

We had to keep paying attention to systems because without the right systems there were a lot of mistakes being made, communications were getting messed up and these mistakes were costing us time and money. 


HerBusiness Growth Guide – Systems – October 2021

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  • HerBusiness Roundtable - October 2021
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