In this Masterclass, Erica Webb of SelfKind Hub shows us the importance of self-kindness and understanding our body as an ally to reduce fear, build resilience and improve our physical and psychological health.

In this Masterclass you will learn:

• How stress is ‘picked up’ by your nervous system

• How to see your body as your ally

• Simple mind-body practices you can use to manage stress and overwhelm

By prioritising self-care and demonstrating self-compassion, we can create a more nurturing relationship with ourselves.

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Here’s What Attendees Said:

“Brilliant. Very practical Masterclass on how to focus when in a state of overwhelm.”Jenny Knox
“It was an amazing session. We really got to know each other on a deeper level. Amazing ideas that I will put into action.”Karen Leslie
“I am working on the YOU growth zone in many challenging and different ways.”Marsha Lake

Event Details

  • Mind-Body Techniques for Managing Stress and Overwhelm – Erica Webb
  • Speakers: Erica Webb
  • Venue: Online

About the Guest

  Hi! I’m Erica Webb, a counsellor and mindful movement coach. I help humans battling stress, overwhelm, burnout and self-criticism to befriend themselves and their bodies. I do this through my online membership the SelfKind Hub and in 1-1 counselling + movement sessions. My approach combines mindful movement modalities –...