In this Roundtable you will learn…

…a simple system for getting better results with your marketing by planning your 2022 Marketing Promotions.

Suzi introduces you to:

  • The four-part planning ‘runway’ that removes stress and overwhelm from your marketing projects
  • The marketing activity that will really ‘move the needle’ and the time-wasting ‘rabbit holes’ to ignore
  • When “rinsing and repeating” beats trying something new in marketing
  • The MOST IMPORTANT thing to declare BEFORE you plan your marketing promotions
  • And a whole lot more… 

How Roundtables Work

HerBusiness Network Roundtables are facilitated sessions that give you an opportunity to address and discuss business issues and to focus the direction of your business development. Roundtables bring to light key issues to be brainstormed and are forums for collaboration and shared experiences in a group mentoring environment.

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Event Details

  • HerBusiness Roundtable - December 2021
  • Speakers: Suzi Dafnis
  • Venue: Online

About the Guest

HerBusiness (formerly Australian Businesswomen’s Network) is a membership community that provides education, training, resources, mentoring and support for women business owners.