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Atomic Habits

Today we’re diving into one aspect of your current Book Club book, Atomic Habits by James Clear.

In Atomic Habits, James Clear explains a four-step loop that underlies all of human behaviour: cue,
craving, response, and reward.

When repeated, this neurological feedback loop leads to the formation of new habits.

From these steps, James Clear developed the Four Laws of Behavior Change:

1. Cue: Make it obvious.
2. Craving/Desire: Make it attractive.
3. Response: Make it easy.
4. Reward: Make it satisfying.

These four laws can be applied to make any behaviour easier (and the inversion of each law can be applied to make any behaviour harder). In business, these same principles can be used to create more effective products and to help employees establish more effective

Today we want to explore some examples of how each law might be applied in a
business context.

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