One sure-fire way to get more leads is to offer prospects something that adds value to their life and that they’re willing to exchange for their attention.

The better you can match your ‘lead magnet’ with what your prospect is looking for, the more successful you will be at capturing their details and getting them closer to being a customer.

A lead-magnet is the thing that causes a prospect to go from being “unknown” to “known” to you. There are literally dozens of types of Lead Magnets.

Watch The New Way to Get More Leads to show you the keys to building your own lead magnet.

  • Effective ways to grow your email list and generate more new leads
  • How to create an effective lead magnet that your ideal prospects will love (there are three specific ways think about lead magnets that will get you the best results)
  • Different types of lead magnets and the best ones for your business
  • The one highly effective thing that can single-handedly increase your email list and unlock a mountain of new clients
  • How to really zero in on a topic that’s going to be irresistible for your ideal client.

Comments from the audience:

“It was great to learn about lead magnets, the different types and that you don’t need a website to create a lead magnet. – Robyn

“Listening to Michelle and Suzi has renewed my enthusiasm for my business to succeed. The information about creating lead magnets is really useful and very interesting.” – Nicolina

I loved being able to hear questions asked by other businesses and have them answered live.” – Kishka

“It was clear and easy it was to understand, even for someone who is just starting out in the industry. Both speakers were at perfect speaking pace.” – Hannah

“I was impressed by the volume of information provided and the clarity with which it was presented.” – Brooke

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